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How Do We Choose The Highlighted Posts?

All of you must be wondering how we picked the authors who get into the highlight. As some of the good curation projects out there, our highlighted authors are also handpicked to ensure that we diversify the content and the recommendations in the highlight. We want this highlight to be a place where people get inspiration, a place to learn something new, and even finding a recommendation.

Hence, throughout the week, the moderators will check the community and manually hand pick the posts. Some factors includes : the post subject, post quality, engagement, personal voice, and general effort.


@gabolegendsGame Of Thrones: Book Review [ENG/ESP]"If we could analyze the context of Game Of Thrones, almost all of us would bet on the television series. However, in the books we know a deeper universe of fantasy literature to which George R. R. Martín introduced us with his series of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”."
@nathyortiz[ESP – ESP] ♥ ♥ ♥ Reading Challenge 7 Días - Part: 02 day #06 - A self-help book ♥ ♥ ♥"This book focuses on the different possibilities of training our brain since the control and management of our emotions depends on it, it also helps us in some way or another to transform our body, soul and mind, it feeds us with love and helps us to understand a little more what is happening around us. This self-help book differentiates between the environmental conditions that are generated between a star worker and a person of lesser rank, seeking to unleash self-control, enthusiasm, empathy, perseverance and the ability to motivate oneself because that depends on what we need to move forward and be an active person."
@kpopjeraSolitario de Alice Oseman (review) [SPA/ENG]"I'm going to tell you a little bit of what I imagined, because of the name Solitaire, I thought of a boy as the main character, literally a lonely boy. To my great surprise, it's not a boy, our protagonist, Tori Spring is undoubtedly, a lonely girl? maybe, but she's not solitaire, what or who is solitaire? It's hard to explain, but I don't have to try too hard, because I'm not going to, what's the point of me doing it? none. Even Tori doesn't know what solitaire really is. It all started with those post-its, if she hadn't followed them, maybe none of this would have happened, her boring but quiet life was going well, in her eyes everything was fine, she was fine, everything was fine until she met Micheal Holden."
@drruneFrank Herbert's "Dune" - An Introduction"The story begins some 20,000 years after the current age, in a time when humanity has spread across the known Universe well beyond the Milky Way, thanks to great technological advancement (with a catch) and the general use of a highly addictive psychedelic substance known as Spice Melange, geriatric spice or merely spice, which is only available in a desert planet called Arrakis AKA Dune."
@irvincOtra vida por vivir /Reseña/ Another Life to Live – Review [ESP/ENG]"Kallifatides, is a Greek author, who came to Sweden in his youth, in the sixties. There he succeeded as a writer, he has known fame and many readers who appreciate him. For fifty-five years he has dedicated himself to writing in that Nordic country, where he has formed a happy family with his wife, children and grandchildren..."

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