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How Do We Choose The Highlighted Posts?

All of you must be wondering how we picked the authors who get into the highlight. As some of the good curation projects out there, our highlighted authors are also handpicked to ensure that we diversify the content and the recommendations in the highlight. We want this highlight to be a place where people get inspiration, a place to learn something new, and even finding a recommendation.

Hence, throughout the week, the moderators will check the community and manually hand pick the posts. Some factors includes : the post subject, post quality, engagement, personal voice, and general effort.


@kemmybReview Of Angels' Blood (Guild Hunters Series) By Nalini Singh"The reader is introduced to the heroine, Elena Devereaux, a hunter-born with the special ability to sense and smell vampires and she made a career out of it as a guild hunter. She is one of the best hunters in America. She was invited over to the Angel's Tower to meet the archangel in charge of New York, Archangel Raphael where she was commissioned to hunt not a vampire gone rogue but an archangel turned serial killer. How could a fragile human vampire hunter hope to hunt down not just an archangel but one drunk on blood? This urban fantasy is action-packed, fast-paced and thrilling from start to finish without leaving any room for the reader to catch his or her breath."
@keilisRESEÑA: La cabeza de la hidra - Carlos fuentes- Pasión, ambición y poder // REVIEW: The Hydra's Head - Carlos Fuentes- Passion, ambition and power"This is a great work written by Carlos Fuentes which was published in 1978, an extraordinary book which unfolds in Mexico and its customs where power and passions become the protagonist of a story in difficult circumstances in a country adrift, showing the harsh reality of the indecisive course that this is taking place, by the terrible combination of waste and irresponsibility."
@esther-emmanuelA TWIST! THE REVIEW OF 'THE SECRET OF SHADOWS' BY TABETHA WAITE."The secret of shadows by Tabetha Waite is a historical fiction that revolves around two people. The Duke of Blackburn, Davien Elwood is a man with a twist that shadows swirl around him. Twenty years ago he was cursed with the powers of an aswang, a beast that he fought his whole life to be in control. He belongs to the Order of the Friars of St. Francis, a cult where men of high standing perform any number of rituals and nefarious perversions. With their activities, they make sure to keep all their secrets are kept private even if it means killing one of their members for the cause."
@elsimarwrite[ENG/ESP] Reseña: "Baby Doll" Por Hollie Overton // "Baby Doll" by Hollie Overton - Book Review"Lily has had a complicated life, since she was kidnapped just after leaving her high school more than eight years ago, her childhood was stolen, her adolescence devastating as she remained under the clutches of her kidnapper in a basement with no natural light through any crack or crevice. After being his prisoner for years she managed to have a daughter from him, Sky; Lily knows that the little girl is not to blame for anything and she loves her with all her heart. The poor child has no knowledge of anything other than those four gloomy walls. Her abductor brings her little girl gifts but Lily can only hate and loathe them, yet she leaves them to him as she cannot find another to repay him... "
@aglaideSummary of the book "The Fifty Shades of Gray 1". // [ESP / ENG]"It all starts when Anastasia Steele, a literature student, conducts an interview with the successful and brand-new businessman Christian Gray for his university newspaper, this man turns out to be very attractive and intimidating. The innocent Ana is shocked when she realizes that she inexplicably wants this man, and the mere fact of warning her to stay away from him increases her desperation to be with him. Gray is trapped by Ana's intelligence and beauty and ends up admitting his desire for her, but it will be a relationship under her erotic conditions..."

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