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How Do We Choose The Highlighted Posts?

All of you must be wondering how we picked the authors who get into the highlight. As some of the good curation projects out there, our highlighted authors are also handpicked to ensure that we diversify the content and the recommendations in the highlight. We want this highlight to be a place where people get inspiration, a place to learn something new, and even finding a recommendation.

Hence, throughout the week, the moderators will check the community and manually hand pick the posts. Some factors includes : the post subject, post quality, engagement, personal voice, and general effort.


@princeofbeyhiveHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book Review! (EN/TR) Harry Potter ve Zümrüdüanka Yoldaşlığı Kitap İncelemesi!"The beginning of the book is a bit boring though. The book begins with Harry sitting on a swing in a park. While swinging on the swing, we feel that Harry is going through a psychologically challenging process. In fact, this book is a book where every character has a hard time psychologically. But Harry is really alone this time. Later, Harry's cousin Dudley comes to the park and just then, the dementors attack Harry and Dudley. Harry is forced to cast a spell to escape. That's why he goes to court. Just as he is about to be expelled from school, Dumbledore proves Harry's innocence and saves him. The story unfolds as you mean to go on"
@kaerpediemThe Alchemist by Paulo Coelho"Santiago could have been a priest but he chose to be a shepherd. The only way to go on a grand adventure, and so he got started. The Andalusian shepherd boy, walks with his sheep to the first town. The daughter of a merchant entertains as he awaits her busy father to come around. Days go by and he has this recurring dream.A gipsy interprets of great treasures it seems. Await the boy, buried in the pyramids she deems. To bring some back as payment, she’ll wait in the interim. Should he go to seek, or stay with this girl he likes. He isn’t entirely sure, and then The Alchemist comes by. The spiritual man shares wisdom in the hopes Santiago can decipher. That there’s more to life and if he looks he’ll find what’s the true treasure."
@hirokeehBook Review: Mizue Tani - Omoide no Toki Shuuri Shimasu/Repairing the Time of Memories"The story of this novel is about the heroine Nishina Akari, a hair stylist who is tired of her job and love life and decides to move to a local shopping district where she spent a summer when she was in elementary school. There, he meets Iida Shuji, who runs a watch shop. The watch shop has a metal plaque with "omoide no toki shuuri shimasu" on it. The plaque itself oftenly made people who read think that memories are something that can be repaired. And Akari is also one of them."
@nikvLast week's reading: Six Years with Al Qaeda"This is a local story: Stephen McGown was kidnapped in Timbuktu while travelling overland through Africa on his way home to South Africa after a couple of years working in London. It's officially denied that a ransom was finally paid for his release and he spent six years moving around the desert with the mujaheddin as they evaded any attempts to rescue him or the two other men he was captured with. One man was freed by special forces, another ransomed and it stands to reason that Stephen was, too."
@cami.rojasA Book I Wasn't Prepared For: Boulevard [ESP/ING]"Boulevard introduces us to two very different characters, polar opposites to tell the truth: Hasley and Luke, both teenagers. Luke Howland has decided to lead his life down an unhealthy path that includes many toxic substances entering his body, but beyond that, his life is one full of regret and pain... Or at least that is until Hasley Weigel appears in his existence representing colors and hopes that he clearly wasn't used to.Fate brings them together by chance and although we might think that their souls would unite making chaos around them; this chaos is one full of dreams, surprises and nuances that many times we are not prepared to face. In the end... They were perfectly imperfect."

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