Reflection & Distorted Reflection : Entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest #22

It is always good to see how a little splash in water can create a distorted reflection. Many of us never give them importance, but when you look them closely then you might end up laughing with some funny imagination.

It was again the evening time and we took the kids for a walk to the same spot, where the sunset create a majestic reflection on water. This time, the kids were playing in water and as I took my mobile I saw a beautiful reflection on water.


It was a boy standing on stone o the edge of the water, while it gives a nice combination of setting sun and the standing boy reflection on water. But in a splash of moment, it was distorted. Thanks to me that I keep holding the mobile camera to capture the distorted image.


It was a splash that was created because of the pebbles thrown on water and soon the good looking reflection get distorted. It becomes difficult to capture more images after this as the kids started playing on water and no reflection on water. In the mean time, I again capture some of the reflection of the setting sun, far away from the point where the kids were playing.


There were little grasses on the shore and the thick orange lining on it making it look beautiful. As the grass is growing simply tge beauty of the reflection keep on enhancing. There were little leflection of the grasses as well. And it appears to be growing from within the water.


You need to figure them out very closely.


It was xompletelly different angle from what we took last time, but natural beauty is something which always needs to be appreciated. I made sure to click as many as possible and hence making it count in my memory boxes.

This is my entry to reflection contest #22 for #shadowhunters community by @melinda010100 and @annephilbrick. Read here for complete contest details.


Namaste @steemflow