Shadow Hunters Vacation Hold

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Show Me A Shadow Is on Vacation Hold!

I need one more week off. It has been a very long time since I took some time off from Hive and I desperately need a break! Please continue to post into the community and share your wonderful shadow photos with each other. I'm counting on all of you to step up and comment and vote and support each other while I am recharging

photo credit @annephilbrick

@annephilbrick does an amazing amount of work for this community and is the judge for the Shadow Hunters Contest as well as running her own contest filled with beautiful and creative Reflection photos.

🌞@annephilbrick's Reflection Contest is going strong. I love seeing all your great posts there!

🌞There is also a new Guess the Shadow post from @eolianpariah. I'm looking forward to some creative/funny guesses!

We are grateful to all who set the community as beneficiary on their posts. If you would like to help the community, you may also donate Hive or HBD or delegate HP to @hive-179017. Your delegation support will help build higher VP and higher votes on everyone's posts. Any help you can give will be appreciated and will help make our Shadow Hunters Community strong!

Thanks for Delegations! You all help make this the best community on Hive!

@wesphilbin gave a very generous delegation to the community this week! Thank you so much, Wes. We truly appreciate the support. ♥️

☀️Use the #archon tag on all of your posts and collect ARCHON tokens. You can also set 5%beneficiary rewards on any post for Archon-gov and receive votes from their voting trail!

Let's go Shadow Hunting!


All comments written on my posts, and any posts in Feathered Friends, Shadow Hunters, and Ladies of Hive Community posts receive staked ARCHON tokens.




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