announcing the 4th guess the shadow contest

tonight at midnight UTC the very third guess the shadow contest shall close
so if you haven't yet surmised the identity of this mystery shadow shown below, remember that also creative and funny conjectures are rewarded
post your last minute guesses at this link: /@eolianpariah/announcing-the-very-third-guess
tomorrow with great fanfare we shall finally unveil this mystery shadow, if before then you still have no idea and can't come up with anything at all, not even something that surely is not correct but could raise a smile here and there, well if that's really the case there may not be any hope left- both for you and for this contest. but Shadow and i are not giving up either on you or this contest. no. no way, there is still a shadow of hope left

because thankfully as long as there is an image to ponder there is a contest. so now we're calling on all the countless overworked gray cells around the entire world to help solve one of the great mysteries of our time (if not all time).
what is making this shadow???

post all guesses to this image here as a reply to this post

@hive-179017 is most generously providing 3 HIVE and 300 POINTS. in general HIVE prizes are given to correct answers and POINTS prizes are given primarily to creative and funny answers. now this week is special because we have 3 HIVE left from last week that are getting too hot to hold much longer, so they are also in the pot somehow.
half of the income from this contest goes to the shadow hunters community @hive-179017

this contest has one basic rule:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
please live by it at least until midnight March 22

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