Shadows and reflections contest entry: @dodovietnam

Thank you so much @galenkp for hosting this amazing contest. And below is my entry for this round.


This is a photo I took of a small town called Quy Hop. Quy Hop is a mountainous district of Nghe An province, Vietnam. I took this picture at 5:30am during my business trip there. In the early morning, the thick layer of fog combined with the overlapping mountains created a beautiful picture. Perhaps the people there don't know how lucky they are to enjoy such a beautiful sight every day. People there mainly earn their living by farming and afforestation. During my 3 days stay there, I could feel their idyllic and happy life through their hospitality. Perhaps the beautiful scenery also contributes to the gentle and kind personality of people. There is no reason to become angry while living in such a beautiful place.

The life there is also different from where I live, a big city in Vietnam, Da Nang. At 10pm, it was quite cold, I went out looking for something to eat but the streets were deserted, all the shops were closed and everything became very quiet. But on the contrary, the people there wake up very early. I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go for a walk and enjoy the fresh mountain air, and found that everyone had woken up long before to prepare for a new day, almost all the shops had already opened. open door. Everyone looked happy and greeted a stranger like me with a friendly smile. I really love the people and the scenery there.

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