Shadow Hunters Contest Round 186 Entry - Found On The Big Gunpowder Trail

This is my entry in the Shadow Hunters Contest Round 186 which is hosted by @melinda010100! You can learn more about the Shadow Hunters Contest and how to enter HERE!

I took the following photos recently while visiting the Big Gunpowder Falls State Park. I was on the Big Gunpowder Trail when I captured the following shadows. The first photo is my entry. I chose it as my entry because I just really like the minimalist look of it and as soon as I saw it I took a photo with the intention of using it as my entry.


Now that wasn't the only shadow that I caught while I was there but the next couple of shadows that I got were totally unintentional. However, I was delighted to see them once I was home and saw them on a big screen.


I did think about using the above dragonfly shadow as my entry but I believe it looks very similar to a different dragonfly shadow that I entered a while ago. I also got this other dragonfly shadow but the photo was so bad and blurry that I did an edit on it. I think it came out pretty good with the edit though!


Shadows are abundant on the trail on a sunny day!


When I walked up to this part of the trail I knew it would be a beautiful display of shadows! I took the following three photos as I approached and the third photo below had a magical feel to it with the dazzling display that dotted the trail!




When I spotted this next one it startled me a little bit! At first I thought it was a copperhead snake that was in the water but on closer examination I "believe" it is a just a water snake. My photo came out a little blurry but the shadow, especially of the snake's tail is nice and clear.


As I was marveling at the snake, I glanced over to my right and spotted this plant growing between some boulders. Upon closer examination I found it showed off some lovely slender shadows as well!


This is my last photo or photos. It is a collage of two edits that I did on my first photo. I couldn't decide which one to post so I chose both. I did think about doing an edit for my entry but I wanted to show it just as I found it! 💖


Thank you @melinda010100 for the Shadow Hunters Contest, thank you @annephilbrick for judging and thank you to all of the sponsors as well!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.


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