Reflection Hunters: My entry for Round 21

I was visiting my crows when the sky opened up. Rain poured down on us like gatorade at a little league's softball championship win.
Fortunately, my car was close by, and my dog and I were able to take shelter until the the downpour ended. Even more fortunately, I had my camera.
To make sure that I was actually submitting a reflection on the most scientific level (I like to follow the rules), I looked up the effects of water droplets reflecting images. Technically the images of the trees are not a reflection, but a refraction, like what happens with the lens of a camera. HOWEVER, around the edges of this droplet, you can see part of the interior of my car! So it still counts.😉

On the top right is part of the trim on the steering wheel, on the left part of the orange trim on the sideview mirror through the window.

In my neighborhood there are many trees. During the spring and summer when they are in full foliage, walking around outside is basically walking through an urban forest.
Each of these little droplets is like a miniature snow globe containing a tiny forest.


This is my entry for the Reflection Hunters Contest, held weekly by @annephilbrick in the Shadow Hunters Community.
Thanks for looking!

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