Entry for the Shadow Contest #178 | Danang Beach

Thank you @melinda010100 for organizing this interesting contest and @nelinoeva, together with @galenkp for doing curation for the Shadow Hunters Community. Below is my entry for Shadow Hunters Contest Round 178
Finally, Danang reopened public beaches again after a super-fast lockdown some weeks ago, when there were one case in public. The authority decided to close everything again after 2 days of reopening. It was seme-lockdown as they called, we were able to buy take away food, drinks, to drive/ cycle outdoor, etc, so long as we wear masks and no gathering more than 5 people.It has been over months that we couldn't step on the sand. Even though I live close to the beach and see the ocean every day, it was still like the first time that I have gone there.


Walking along the beach with my friend, I was so emotional when my bare feet were covered by seawater. So strange feelings after a long time being away from the beach! We started playing silly games as we were children, ran around, kicked the ocean, hit the ball while passing by a football team, etc. And as ladies, we enjoyed taking photos everywhere, we dressed up like tourists and made poses at all tourist check-in points. End of the day we got bunches of pretty photos to share with you ;) I hope they bring you some good vibes of summertime and ocean breezes here.


I like this shot, my friend turned a bit with the camera to make hats flow a bit


These are Vietnames hats which are very popular for us to use during summer. I believed that you saw a lot Vietnamese ladies wearing ao dai, together with these hats. it's our national dress code in Vietnam as well.


Thank you for stopping by and enjoy ocean breezes with us 💙

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