Ayurvedic Architecture and it's evident strength.

I have always been an admirer of my culture's architecture. It's really rich and vivid. Also learning about other's culture is very interesting.
Bringing this topic into limelight has a pure purpose of showcasing what ancestors have left for us. Since we still question are pyramids made by aliens? so there are multiple such places which leaves us with this very question.


Our education system is not great according to my perspective many things aren't taught which needs to be in schools and colleges. I think everyone has a point of view and if you disagree I would love to discuss.
Let me throw in some examples, like financial education is lacking from school stage as kids aren't aware and they know just what is taught for a matter of fact many teachers lack the knowledge too. So this is the first drawback and in colleges too the syllabus lacks the modern as well as traditional touch it's just basics, Likewise-

It's an Sanskrit book which is available in many languages and describes the techniques and mixtures of ancient architecture of India. This book has so much techniques which have been proven strong as many structures are built using it and they still stand strong after hundred and thousands of years.

One such structure is Surang Tila Temple in India.


Ayurvedic architecture has deep roots in India and neighbouring countries. Let's first talk about Surang tila Temple in Sirpur
This temple is mode than 1600 years old. In 11th century AD a massive earthquake destroyed the entire township and everything around but this temple sustained and is still standing tall. How is that even possible? Since it's built from stone blocks and at that time there was nothing like cement or any kind of adhesive we know that could have attached the stones so tight moreover sustaining massive earthquake is not possible without a great footing. Isn'it?

These questions were so important to answer as we were wondering are our ancestors that advanced that they beat us and our future selves too?

The reason
To know why, what and how many archaeologists and historians researched about it with some digging and all the solutions were clear but the thing that ancestors were so advanced and we lack it is not clear.


Look closely to the picture, do you notice how the stairs at each side are uplifted? That's because of the effect of earthquake. Rest of the structure stood strong.
That is sure to ancient Vedic footing technique.


That's a sectional 3d view which shows the presence of shafts deep down in the earth. which is the ancient ayurvedic architectural technique helping in preventing the seismic waves to destroy the base of the structure thus keeping it safe. which is quite evident from the name of the temple itself 'Surang' translates to shaft in English.

Moreover the adhesive used is ayurvedic paste whose ingredients are mentioned in Mayamatam.

There are many such evidences which prove that ancient people were much more advanced. Relying on the book may be not 100% accurate but whop knows why this knowledge wasn't transferred to us.


It is quite evident through Indus valley civilisation which was supremely advanced from it's counter part civilisation and it proved it's value even now a days and we all have strong proof on how the drainage and all important yet basic needs were fulfilled of a town ship using vedic architecture.
The ruins speaks volume.

So, do you believe in ancient architectural supremacy?

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