"Zastava" estate - fortress in the steppe above the sea...


We were looking for something original and unusual! And we found the Zastava estate, which was built in 2020, but used ancient elements from houses that are 200 years old...
This was the idea of ​​the owner - a creative dreamer Vadim. He wanted to build a castle, but the fortress came out! Such a fort post Zastava, which hospitably receives friends, dogs and cats under its protection! But I'll start the story from the moment we learned about this place.



My daughter Victoria stubbornly did not want to go to the sea in Ukraine this year, explaining it by the fact that in Ukraine expensive prices for housing by the sea, but the service - shit and the design of rooms at bases and hotels is stupidly primitive! There are many beautiful unique places in Ukraine, but the service is not adapted for tourism.
My daughter has very high requirements for housing, where she will live on vacation. Therefore - or in a tent among the wild beautiful sea lagoon, or in the royal apartments )))
We couldn't live in this year's tents for personal reasons, so I lost hope of going to the sea at all! And then suddenly Victoria excitedly exclaimed: "I found! This is the place where we will go!"



It was supposed to be something special and I looked with interest. The place was unusual. It really wasn't like all the other bases we'd looked at before: with blue-painted walls and standard sofas.
In addition, the area where the Zastava base is located, fascinated us at first sight!
High clay rocks and gorges above the sea, the orange color of shell rock ... We wanted to visit Cape Adjiask, which I wrote about earlier and will write more in future posts.
We called back the host and booked a room. A pleasant surprise was that he will meet us at the station in city Mykolaiv by his car. And here we come πŸ˜€




The first impression of the Zastava estate is a positive cozy place, which is protected from the steppe winds by its walls, which are made of huge blocks carved from rakushnyak stone and lovingly built by the owner himself. Several dogs ran out to meet us - the owner of the base warned us about them. Later it turned out that 8 of them live there :)


The owner received all the dogs that came to him from the steppe. Later he sterilized them and fed them, trying to give them to friends and acquaintances. These cute friendly dogs often accompanied us to the beach!



We went out on the open terrace near the two-room room we rented and saw the sea in the distance! Leaving our backpacks on the terrace, we quickly ran to the beach. It was necessary to go down 137 steps among the clay mountains. It was exciting.



When we returned from the beach at sunset, the sun was beautifully illuminating the estate's outpost! You can see what elements of the old houses the owner of the base used to make it an ancient fortress.



Imagine - this inventor buys old houses that are about 200 years old, and then he disassembles them and uses them to build his estate. First of all, this is an old high-quality tile for the roof!



Here on the beach you can see the orange rock, from which the blocks for house are carved.


Also the stones from which he built the columns. There are many antique doors, locks ...




From the open terrace, which we climbed from the courtyard of the estate to our room on the wooden stairs, we could drink coffee in the morning and enjoy the open space.



This house looks very impressive in the photo. And simple wooden furniture that stands on the terrace, is emphasizing its originality. Cats also love this place :)



Inside the room we rented, everything is also done in a stone-wooden style. Very simple furniture, but at the same time very functional!



Thus, we spent 9 wonderful days in the stone kingdom of Southern Ukraine by the sea.


Thank you for your visit 😊

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