Sahi Retreat - Ideal Staycation in Hue

Recently staying at homestays is becoming a trend for young travelers, especially for those who love cozy places. At homestays, you feel like you are still at home with family, very peaceful and comfortable with many cute selfie corners. Besides, its home feelings, choosing homestays is also extremely cheap compared with other accommodations.

As I am living in the center of Vietnam and everyone knows Hue is the imperial city of our country. Today I will share with you a unique homestay that is definitely worth check-in once you visit Hue,

Sahi Homestay and Retreat

Located about 3km far from Hue center, Sahi is hidden in a small alley of Thuy Xuan. A famous architect, Mr. Nguyen Huu Son Duong designed and built it on his own family land. He used very simple techniques and mainly used recycled wood. The building has done for over years and is well-known as a relaxing place, with a variety of public spaces as well as private spaces for guests to stay.



The owner's dream is to be able to make "a retreat home" for guests and family to rest, relax and meditate when coming home. During covid time, his wife often organizes meditation sections for people free to join. I believe you can find it on their info page.


In the front house, there is a small waterlily pond where you can enjoy coffee/ breakfast every morning wake up, or have a tea break during the day here.


I love the way he arranges every corner of empty space surrounding the pool with small stones and green plants

The homestay definitely an ideal place for those who like minimalistic and eco-friendly style. Everywhere from the indoor space to kitchen and living rooms, there is always full of natural light and lively color. I was lucky to attend one of soap making workshops hosted by a local lady during my time staying there. Talking to her, I realized that all amenities like shampoo, hand soap at the homestay are made by her and 100 percent natural ingredients which she found from local sources.



you can find her lovely artwork here src

Despite its opened air design, the bedroom still remains discreet and ensures privacy. There are mainly private rooms and one family room arranged like a dormitory which has several bunk beds for family or a group of 4-5 friends together. Interior furniture is designed to be multi-function and only necessary items to create more empty spaces for comfortable living.





This homestay is chosen for people who go on business trips as well thanks to its comfortable living. They feel more creative while staying and doing their work here as mentioned by a receptionist.
The room rate is not reasonable from 20 USD-25 USD per night and you can book easily via booking channels or directly from their Facebook page, I personally like direct contact which I can get support easily with transportation or local excursions before going.

Thank you for reading and I hope it will bring you some ideas for working and traveling in the future.

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