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As one who's still a learner in crypto blogging, I may not know so much about this finance and crypto community but for the time I've been on Hive, I can say a few things about this community. I'm glad that @clixmoney started this initiative, I'll get to discover more communities and their tokens, learn about them and find where to fit in more on Hive.

So this is my entry for the DCC Tribe Token Talk organized by @clixmoney and you are invited to join and share your thoughts on this community too.

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Why I Like The Leofinance Community?

I learnt just recently that the leofinance is one of the oldest community created in 2017 during steemit. It's amazing how the community is still very active and lively with so many users, I guess it shows that the leofinance has a good leadership, supporters and good writers in it. I also like the fact that the community is strict with its rules and make sure to reward deserving posts. I'm still learning more about the community but from all I've learned, it's a great community and I would also love to join in supporting it in my own little way as time goes on.

Why I Create Contents On Leofinance?

I hope we do know that writing a content means you have something to offer regarding the subject of your write up. For a post to have been completed, it means the writer has a knowledge about it. So I make contents in the community to broaden my knowledge on finance, crypto and investment. I'm not good at these areas so I learn from others and try to come up with what I can to test my abilities. And of course, I create contents on the community because the space was provided for me to share my thoughts on finance, crypto and lots more with the rules in mind.

Who Are The Best Creators/Curators On Leofinance Community?

As a not so active member of the community, pointing out best creators should be difficult but it isn't for me because these creators are doing so well in the community that they are also well known outside the community. I may not mention your best creator and even all the ones I know but I'll like to mention @taskmaster4450 @josediccus @belemo @onwugbenuvictor @readthisplease and many others. Leofinance is blessed with amazing financial expert writers and I've learnt so much from these persons through their top notched posts.

Why Stake Leo Token?

It's the same reason everywhere on this block chain... To support bigger and to earn more. Staking Leo token is one of the goals I haven't been able to achieve yet but I can always stake as little as 20 to 50 Leo to get started. The more Leo staked, the bigger votes you give, the more you earn and the more you get closer to the rich list so you might want to check your hive engine to know if you will start staking today.

How Is Leofinance Helping The Hive Block Chain?

The founder @khaleelkazi must have had this in mind when he created the community... Creating more awareness about the crypto world and how it works, opportunities to learn how to manage finances, make investments and also get people to share their personal experiences on these subject matters. These reasons are no doubt more of great help to the Hive block chain as people learn from this community. I remember a time I was inquisitive about what Hive and it's engine tokens were really about and I got my answers from the community and also from a post by @belemo

How To Be Successful On Leofinance?

Engagement... This was the first thing that came to mind as it has proven to work all the time in being successful in a place of over a hundred members. The community has an interface which one can make posts and comments from and get rewarded while growing your audience. So to be successful in the leofinance community: Engage with your fellow Leo members, post articles that are related to the community and stake as much as possible.

What Projects I Like About The Team?

Leofinance has a great team especially with their curation project, @leovoter does a great job to reward it's creators and I see a lot of other curators who make sure to support each other in the community.
Going through their "About", I also found out about other projects they're into and one of them is "Wrap leo onto Ethereum block chain with their cross-chain token bridge: which is a coming soon. The community also provided an opportunity to trade leo, learn and contribute to their crypto - educational resources at

With that, I would like to end with what @whatsup said in her post titled Making Leofinance Fun

Surely there are fun and interesting things one can talk about when it comes to investments, building new territory, and earning while you talk crypto and sleep.

I agree with her that the community should also have some fun while giving out those amazing and cool write ups on finance and crypto.

Thanks for reading!!!

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