The Truth About My Shitty Introductory Post:


This is my Truth and I'm owing It

I made my introductory post a month ago, it was my first post , and yeah it was shitty, like shitty shitty .

And the good thing that came out of it was some constructive criticism, yeah those comment on that shitty post opened my eyes as to why I'm still here on hive, some even went as far as offering some informative post to get me started , I'm really grateful for that.

Why I'm saying this now

You know, as they say know your truth own them and you will be free, after that post I knew, to last here even for as little as a month I needs dive in and put up my deep thinking cap.

And today I can say that my subsequent post is ripping the benefits. You see some of us get here and made some shitty post like I did and with little to no rewards to show for it they gave up and scroll into there shell. If you do this it's a sin, thou shall not give on.

Own your shitty truth, Learn in the areas you needed to improve on and come back stronger and stays like I'm doing.

My introductory post was not even up to 150 words, yeah to tell you how shitty it was. I once decide to went back and make some editions to it, but I changed my mind.

I'm leaving it as a reminder to myself And perhaps to anyone who happens to see it as where I was coming from and how far and better I have comes.

As my favourite Game of Thrones actor will say;

Never forget what you are.
The rest of the world will not
Wear it like armor and
It can never be used
To hurt you.
By Tyrion Lannister

To me is all we needed to heal and be free, from our very own imperfection. So, own your truth today and be free.

My favourite quote from #truth by @onwugbenuvictor link

"Accept that you're not perfect and no body is perfect, start loving yourself for who you're.

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Thank You

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