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What I Think About Bitcoin

Personally I think bitcoin is the father of all Cryptocurrency. Not just because it has the highest dollar value, but also because it was the first Cryptocurrency to be created. Before I knew much more about Cryptocurrency, whenever crypto was mentioned, the only thing that comes to my mind was bitcoin, that was the only crypto I knew for a long time.


When I Found Out About Bitcoin

I think I found out about bitcoin roughly four years ago. Back then I was still in school, and I was searching for financial freedom by all means. I was practically involved in any online platform that pays. One could always find me on my phone surfing the net to discover new earning websites. That was when I stumbled upon bitcoin mining. I've actually heard of bitcoin before then, but I never really picked interest in it. But Immediately I realized how much 1 bitcoin was worth ( 1btc was worth about $5000 back then) it got my attention and I read up about bitcoin and how I could earn bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin Is So Expensive

Well this is A simple theory. Let's take for instance. If In a town of 20 people, 5 people always patronize product A, and as time goes on 5 more people realize that product A is really cool and start patronizing it. The seller of this product notices that he has more Customers, he would increase the price of product A. This is exactly what happened in the case of bitcoin. I am fully aware that so many factors affect the rise and fall of bitcoin, but I surely believe that one of the factors that influence the rise is the rapid increase in popularity and patronizers of bitcoin over the years.

How Bitcoin Changed My Life

After discovering about bitcoin, I researched on every possible way to earn bitcoin. I discovered bitcoin mining, discovered certain games that rewarded bitcoin, discovered certain surveys that rewarded bitcoin and so many more. At that time they were paying in bitcoin equivalent to cents, I wanted to give up on them but my brother insisted I continue because the price could spike at anytime.


I had my first bitcoin boom during a certain December period that I can never forget. Out of nowhere, bitcoin took a rapid bullish run and the price rose to an all time high of about $15k. The bitcoin in my wallet multiplied and I was really glad I had some liquid bitcoin when this happened.

My Sponsored post from #bitcoin would be Clinic For Crypto Addict? by @eragon471546

This post really got my attention because reading it got me curious and I'm asking myself has Crypto currency become so vast that we now actually have crypto addicts.


It is quite difficult to pick my favorite part of the post, because indeed every line of the post is worth reading. But this part is quite a food for thought

Castle Craig in Scotland is considered the world’s first crypto-addicted clinic. The demand for therapy places there is said to have increased tenfold recently.

What do you think about the rush of patients into the clinic? Do crypto businesses have the potential to be addictive? Will there soon be a wave of crypto addicts as the world of crypto businesses spreads?

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