The third week with DCooperation !


We keep growing and implementing new ideas to make the community grow. A new idea I'm @clixmoney come up with to create a collaborative curation in hive and tribes. For more details you can read here : Collaborative curation with DCooperation !. In fact the idea is easy, just those who want to create using the tag #dcc should at least share an other post or comment in their posts. That will motivate others to promote the content they like. And help curators find more useful content to support. But those who share the content, should at least write a sentence about why they liked the content. They can quote it in the end of the post, or include it in form of a clickable text in their post.

There are a few rules in the collaborative curation :

  • The title of the mentioned post should be as a clickable link. ( in this form ''[ title ] ( link )'' without spaces ).
  • The content shared from the post should be quoted, so a little part from the post could be shared or the comment.
  • The author of the post or the comment should be mentioned.

So, all the curators will know about that tag and they will be able to upvote posts using #dcc tag and the content promoted in those posts as well.

#dcc is a decentralized collective collaboration, or decentralized collaborative cooperation.


I'm also still thinking about how to start the movie about hive, I just have to find more interested people about that. For more details check this post, or watch the video here : Let's create a hive movie !.

The question I have now, should we mention steem in the movie or not ? I'll create a post about that leater !


We have also an interesting suggestion from @lennyblogs00 , who proposed the following :

For instance, you are making a blog and you don't want it to be so long and boring to read, so you ask me are you willing to help in making a vid or taking part in typing the blog (Everyone has their own way which might making things interesting to read) and if I reply with yes so you will brought the idea and collaborated with me in making the post.

Thanks to @edystringz for discussing the idea with him, maybe you may find a way to create great collaborations in the future.

I proposed this as well :

oh. I have an other idea, as a video creator I may ask the permissions of reading posts of some authors and I will make a video reading them. That will be also a cool collaboration.

So, you may see me reading posts in some of my videos. ☺

I would like also to welcome : @shubhwaj, @antoniarhuiz and @pialejoana who joined us recently in discord server.

And @duwiky , @wrestlingdesires , @fullcoverbetting and @qsyal who subscribed to our community in hive !


We have also a new collaboration created and a tag. That's #dct and it's a tag to collaborate with tribes in hive. So, in case you have any suggestion or an idea, you can write in under the tag #dct and I'll check that.

You may as well participate in this : The first POB collaboration with DCooperation !



I would like as well to write here about the progress we have now. The power we reached in hive and tribes.

All the details are in the following table :

HIVE192 Hive Power
BPC386 BPC Power
CTP21 CTP Power
POB2.9 POB Power
LEO1.3 LEO Power
NEOXIAN17 Neoxian Power
BHT5.9 BHT Power

Those are the tribes where we will create our content and where we may collaborate with. But you can always suggest a tribe to join, because we are willing to collaborate with all the tribes in hive !

For some reason BPC tribe is supporting us the most and that's awesome.

And we have new members who shared their introduction :

Simon says hello, My name is shubham, and I am from India. I bumped into hive over a month ago, trying to find a platform to pursue my love for writing and blogging. I have been a retail officer and an investment banker. And I am self learned jack of a few trades. I am interested in a variety of different topics that arouse my curiosity. And Hive is a place where I share my life's musings and learnings.

Hello, I am Arelis of Venezuela. My user @antoniarhuiz

Those are the new members who joined us recently !


If you are interested, please join us here : DCooperation Discord Server


I'm also interested in creating a token for the community. You may answer my questions about that here : Any tips about creating a token ?.


If we never give up about it, we may make it really great !

You are welcome to join us !

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