What I gonna do with 30k Hive Power !


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For my activity with @dcooperation and thanks to everything I've done to the community, I got a great deletion from @overkillcoin .

That delegation really made me happy because it's the biggest one I've ever got for the community being on the blockchain for more than 4 years and running the account @dcooperation for more than 3 years.

Recently with that delegation I reached 30k hive power and that's really awesome. I'm earning with that about 300 hive a month which is going to power up my account. I'm also upvoting a lot of people everyday because I have many criterias that can fit any active account on the blockchain. Plus I have more than 500 POB power in proof of brain tribe where I upvote enough authors everyday. So, all who are getting my POB upvote are getting nice upvote from my hive power as well.

But since I reached 30k hive power in my account and we have more than 3000 hive power in @dcooperation. I'm thinking about how should I distribute that all.

There will be 3 types of content I will support :

  1. The members of the community I'm building.
  2. Any hiver who will promote hive or collaborate with other hivers or anyone from crypto communities.
  3. Newcomers who will join hive and bring value to the blockchain.

I also created a nice video where I think out loud about everything I'll do with all this hive power I have.

I wish the delegation will be kept longer, so I'll be able to support everyone as much as I can !

Don't forget about the power of the downvote I have, so please create an original content and don't abuse the blockchain !

You can watch the video on dtube as well :


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