Reasons to curate manually !


There are so many reasons to curate manually !

I would like to divide them on community and personal reasons !


Community reasons :

  • Helping the community to grow and improve. If you curate automatically, you will not notice a lot of great content and new authors joining the space.
  • Supporting the platform itself. So, when you curate manually and find new people who joined, they will be all supported, and they will automatically promote the platform.
  • Helping the new communities created to thrive. Including new tokens, initiatives and contests. So, a great idea will never be missed.
  • Encourage new communities to be created, initiatives to be supported, contests to be run and ideas to find feedback.
  • Supporting the tags, what improve the marketing of the platform. Because the more various the content is, the more likely the platform will be found on search engines.
  • It's also easier to find good content to curate. So, while curating manually, you will find more and more ways to find what to curate !

Personal reasons :

  • You may support those who are supporting you.
  • Support your commenters to be active, so you will get enough feedback.
  • When you manually you curate, you will help more people to find your content.
  • When the community notice your curating manually, you get rewarded for that.
  • Also, not curating your own content help you to curate only others.


As you see, curating manually have so many benefits, for the community and yourself.

So, why not to move completely to manual curation !

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