Get upto 5% for holding DCC !


Almost a month ago I distributed an airdrop for DCC holders. For more details you can read here : 6% for holders of more than 100 DCC & 3% for all other holders !.

As promised here : DCC economics - Over 30% APR ! I'll distribute this month 2.5% for those who hold more than 100 DCC. As well, I want to add the following :

All who will be holding more than 1000 DCC will get 5% when we will hit 4 months after creating the token and that will be after tomorrow the 28th of October 2021.

For now we have 4 holders who are holding that :


Those who are holding now almost 1000 can buy some during these two days to have more than 1000 and get the airdrop after two days.

All who will keep holding more than 100 DCC will earn 2.5% from what they hold after two days as well. Those are :


So, in case you want to get 2.5%, and you have almost 100 DCC, just buy some and keep it till after tomorrow and get it. Those who are holding almost 100 DCC are :

@mb98 and @darkfemme who are holding exactly 100 DCC, if you buy even 0.00000001 DCC, you'll get the airdrop.

About others, just buy a bit to have more than 100, and you'll be ready to receive it.

I mean :


And all others who are holding DCC or want to buy some to support the project.

dcc (1)2.jpg

DCC is a collaborative token by @dcooperation community to support collaborations on hive and crypto communities.


For more details about the use case of DCC check this post : The use case of DCC token ! and check the work done in #dcc and @dcooperation

Thanks a lot for holding the token !

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