Photography: Going through my portfolio part 2. Icelandic Landscape images!

Good day, fellow Hiveans, and members of #Archon community! Big shoutout to you all!

whoa! That pump up to 2000 was something! However and because of such thins I am not going to get distracted from continuing with this now collection of posts

Containing a lot of my old photography and digital art I recently had to download in a frenzy from where I was keeping them under threats of them being deleted altogether.

And going through them, I found some I really like, those I present to day in this mini exhibition which has the theme Icelandic nature today. Some of these have before been published somewhere on the Internets, some here on Hive when they were "fresh" but many unpublished, all photography and digital work by me, however free to use in a limited non-commercial way. f.eks for decorative printing, getting girls by lying to the you've been to Iceland, etc. For whoever choses to do so.

The first images today are all "orange themed", all containing the magnificent sunsets in the rural fishing village Ólafsfjörður, where I used to live!

orange-sunset-i-reykholt-artfabrik (1).jpg



The final Orange themed photograph is one I shot down the steep stairs that lay down from the church of Akureyri, another Icelandic town.


And then for a change of colour are two beautiful but similar, maybe a series material shots I took at the tunnel between Ólafsfjörður and Dalvík.


The one above is really "Icelandic", the moss, the summer sunset, cliffs, and ocean as well as sheep, of course!


The other one pink-orange ish themed, also contains another imagery I used to do a lot of, (during the time of my first, and hopefully only divorce. But it's these empty, lonely, dreadful, respectable well different in each photo but empty benches.

But for a change of colour, we do few water themed images. Starting with the local duck pond of Ólafsfjörður.


And another one from #Ducktown


First snow of last winter season!


Some bit more snow, this mountain image shot on my way to work Alloway fascinates =)


On that same route, I also shot these! The next image overlooks the island of Hrísey!


Also, on that route from and to work, but now we do purple, my favourite color!



And I will finish this post with the colour purple with this beautiful image shot also in the Eyjafjörur region of Iceland.


This one I'm glad I saved from the centralised database it used to spend it's dayz, it's one more image from the harbour area of Ólafsfjördur. And taken during the magical summer nights of sun and beauty, and calmness.


This one, I think, is completely unpublished and not even seen by my current fiancé until and if she reads the post. It's almost spiritual, the light, shining upon the fishing town of Dalvkík, Iceland

divine-light-reykholt-artfabrik (1).jpg

The one belove is titled "changing seasons"


And the final image today is this shot I took last year somewhere in the Eyjafjord region. It's a beautiful summer day and the sun as high as a kite :)

s-reykholt-artfabrik (1).jpg

I sincerely thank all who read this far, and I really hope that you have enjoyed the images. I also wish to wish you all a great weekend!

Eythorphoto for president of Dcity! Lower taxes! And economic handouts!

With friendship and warmth from the cold north!



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