How can someone do or what step can one take to be financially stable. When we are talking about being financially stable. Being financially stable means when we're spending less than what we earn.


  • If you want to be financially stable or if you want to know that you're financially alright. Then making saving automagical should be put in place. You should be able to save from what you earn and in a way that it won't affect your expenses. It should be a priority.

  • Being financially stable is when you're able to control your impulse spending. Impulse spending is when you buy what you don't need or what are not what you really want.

Things to avoid to control impulse spending

  1. The first thing to consider is to stay off social media. Social media is a place of an attraction to the user.

  2. Remind yourself of your goals. If you don't stick to your goals then things may not go as planned.

  3. Avoid temptation. Some people are pushed to do what is not good for them as a result of temptation and leads to something else.

  4. Before buying anything you have to first consider some factors and think twice before taking an action that will later backfire.

  • Invest in your future
    Being financially stable is not only when you have all the money and left it somewhere doing nothing. Put your money to work and invest in a good business for future purposes and profit.

  • Avoid debt and Eliminate debt

You have to try and make sure to settle or avoid debt. Debt can make one life unpleasant. Debt is one the great factors one must avoid when considering being financially stable.

  • Settle bills at once or immediately

We should make sure that we pay our bills immediately and once to avoid debt . When one doesn't pay bills immediately it makes cause traffic or distraction in ones plan.

  • Make sure to keep your family secure

Being financially stable is when you're able to keep your family secure. For one to be considered being financially stable you have to make sure to keep your family together. Family are one of the great factors to consider because they are one that support you in every aspect and they are your number one fan. So make sure to keep your family from breaking up.

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