The Pandemic, The Healthcare & The Hospital

Good Morning Everyone,
My sister (@thanya) is a doctor in the National Hospital - Sri Lanka. It's the biggest & the best government hospital in our country. A few days back, I had to meet my sister at the hospital. I could capture one photograph while visiting her.
The healthcare system of my country is free for all. It's a blessing to people in 3rd world countries. But when you look at the photograph, you can see these buildings are not well maintained. Moreover, due to the Covid19 pandemic situation, the healthcare system is collapsing here.
There are a lot of luxury hospitals in the private sector. But those are for the rich community. It's not that easy to bear those luxury prices to poor & middle-class people in the country.
Sri Lanka became a 3rd world country, not because of people. But because of people who elected corrupted politicians to the parliament. Due to them, the entire country is suffering now.
Finally, I would like to say we want to share our gratitude to all healthcare workers. No matter how hard their job, no matter the limited supply & no matter the low wages, they do their job. The corrupted government won't see the Covid19 Elimination. They want to see the spread of the disease from time to time. But we have one of the best healthcare systems and workers. They do their best to protect us from these pandemics.

BW photograph of the above "Click".

Mobile Phone Camera: Samsung A32 - 64 MP

Stay safe & have a great day ahead!

~ theguruasia
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