The Unfelt Secrets Of Success In Life.

Life is a great gift awarded by nature. So, it must be lived with the full measure of happiness and with a great heart. You never gonna live another chance, so why are you falling short?

I am asking those folks out there, who are afraid to leap forward once more time, who are settling for less,who are well contented with the end result, who think, being mediocre is his fate, who faced all sorts of discomforts of life, setbacks and failed attempts etc...and many more...

I am not blaming all of you who are having the same results from life. No problem, I have had also the same problem before and still facing tremendous challenges and risks in living day to day life. Many times came, when I was down and out, very frustrated with the outcome I got,very unhappy with the way people behaved with me.
My life took a serious turn backward and I felt that deep in my heart.

I sat silently thinking about life and my future. You try every possible means and still you get to see the same aborted results.You start to cry inside and well that happens to everyone my friend. You are not alone, not the only one facing the Cruelties of nature and luck.
We all face the same problems, we are to solve the same questions with different contexts, but the circumstances are all the same. Its for sure.
Now, Whatever happens in life, you all need to promise to yourself that dont loose faith and never give up hope, most importantly. You need to find every possible reason for living a decent life.

Nobody takes care of your life, you must keep your own promise and steer your own way out through hardships and challenges. Dont let your inner voice be drowned out by others comment and talks.
When you grow in life, things start to go away from your life.Thats part of it. And, failure is an easy thing to reach. Everybody faces it and by the way, maximum of people embrace failure.
But, only a small number get to reach at the successful mark. Being successful requires best effort to deliver, its about giving away your best shot, about hitting bulls eye every single day,trying to win every day.

At the beginning of this discourse, I asked you a question. What was it?
Its about living life by the fullest.
Now, everyone of us dont really know exactly what do we mean by living our life by the fullest.

It has yet a simple answer. Its about learning how to dance in the rain, a laughter in the midst of difficulties and challenges that we face. When You get to learn from your failures and setbacks, you start to become the master of your yard.
When you learn to smile in spite of having major unsuccessfull attempt, you write a different story, end up becoming a champion..thats not false.. You will see this in the future.

We have to somehow live our life. Then we have to pass those days, eventually we will depart.Thats the fate of all creatures.
But, birth to death, what we do in midst of that defines our life. So, its our duty to be honest with our soul. You have services and contribution towards your soul.Fulfil that...

Problems and solutions come by turns. If you focus on excuse, failures follow you. If you turn your attention to problems, you will definitely get a solution.
Alva Edison failed 1000 times before the successful one. The 1001 st shot sparkled and scintillated with light.
I dont know exactly how Edison felt when he saw that light rays dispersing from a filamental bulb.
That astonishing invention totally changed the face of earth and removed darkness.
So, it took one brilliant Idea, then steadfast effort one after one after another, the level of consistency, a stubborn mind, promised to become successful... Thats all about it..

I think, Edison knew how to taste failures.He never regretted to be failed at something. He thought failure is fun, its part of a process, its a matter of enjoyment.

Then my words 😮, 1001nth time, a light bulb fully worked. Its something special, very profound achievement in life...

Successful people always think in this way. They have something special inside their mind, something powerful that set them apart from all others.
If you have a beautiful mind then you get to see beauties everywhere in your life... Thats for sure...

So, I want everyone to understand this concept and try to improve mind on certain aspect to change your life...

Stay healthy...
Stay strong....
Good bye...
Have a nice day.. 🙂💖👍

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