|| Thoughts Are Compared To Flame, Small Thoughts Give Small Results, Big Thoughts Make CampFires!.||

We look around the Earth and see many people climbing out of poverty and setting out example all their lives.
I saw that even in my personal life that those people are creating examples for the rest of the people beside them, for their society, for their culture, for their countrymen and lead a life that is glorious and full of contentment.


In every culture and in every nation you would find these sorts of people. With enough money and with enough resources, they flare around their community and after securing a dignified life, they push forward to become a social worker and help find a sustainable balance in their life.these picture often make a good reflection in my mind. A reflection that tells me to try and find something deeper about them and their success.

You might have also observed the same scenario in your life. But its not the power or privileges that give them a stair to move ahead of their life but its the original thoughts that allow them to take control of their life.

You would be pretty astonished to hear that whatever we humans do and establish in this planet largely depend on the quality of thoughts that we make in our mind. Its like you are thinking deeply about a context for a long period of time. You are not doing anything else and consistently practising how to bring good idea's and trying to make the idea's into action. All the great achievements and worldly establishments someday were a worn out thinking and suddenly Idea came with a brilliant fact and they went chasing after the idea, fulfilling them and making them a reality.
Thats what the process called "thought" and "action " came forward.


Look, at the time, Mark Zuckerberg was studying in Harvard, he wasnt a conventional student with the typical mindset and thinking, rather he entirely focused on how to enlarge the calibre of his thinking, tried to converge bright ideas, had vast knowledge about software and the programming, little by little formulated the plans one by one and thus came out successful in making a trans -college network with friends computers and established the communication tools one after another, worked with technicians to form the amazing features and ultimately ended up becoming a app designer. He worked incessantly to construct the app into a powerful tool to organize social networking, enlarged the area of network with server adaptation and many more things.
Finally, finishing as a best means of communication and changed radically the way we connect with each other.
That goes a long way, even in today.

Thats why, I want to say that, we need to try to think bigger. Because if we can think that what we resolve to do today,will surely make shadow impression in our lives to come.
Thoughts will some day become actions and if the thoughts become powerful then we would hope that in the near future more surprises will be on the way to wait for us.
Just like, Zuckerberg's one smart thought created a legend and expanded worldwide all across the globe, in every continents, in 80% of the people now currently use his app, and you can most probably assume the depth of the result he got from his thinking. So,I would say, allocate some times for smart thinking, because if you think smart then your consequences will most likely to bring positivity in your life.

Thanks for reading patiently.

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