The power of fear and what we must do to overcome it?

Fear is a kind feelings that makes us think less of ourselves, fear conquer and elude our mind's when you allow it to get into your life.

One shouldn't let anything that seems unfavourable bother him because if it was meant to be good so will it be and nothing will stop it from achieving it aims, that which was meant to be achievable will surely take it place in a middle of time.



Fear destroy humanity Glory because having negative thoughts on you, will make you look back and regret if you are on the right track or if you are not.

In years back, I didn't used to keep tracks of the things I do because I was always afraid of someone asking me to give analysis of each of them, and not like I would not know what to say if I am being asked but because I was always afraid of venting it out.

I continue with this ability for a Time longer than necessary until one day I bet up my chest and said to myself that i am afraid no more.

Fear makes a man ashamed of himself and also the things he does, fear is not a fighter but could fight more than a man could imagine if a man do not stand upright and put it back to it place where it belongs, but eluding your thoughts and brings negative Impacts into your life.

Fear is like a mistake therefore, we should not allow it to have a place in our hearts.

Say no to fear and let live a free life

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