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When the sun starts its journey towards the west. After the intense heat of the day, there is a feeling of coolness in the life in the evening. Nature seems to be happy at the time of sunset amidst the light charming redness.
The rays of the sun shine like gold when they fall on the ground. In this season of joy, people leave their work and go towards their homes. In the sky, birds are seen going in flocks towards their homes. As the sun goes down, the light darkness on the earth takes everyone in its lap.
Temple bells ringing, people search for peace amidst aarti, prayers and bhajans.
In fact, the evening time is considered to be the best time of the day, when instead of sad hearts, there is joy and the fatigue of the day goes away unintentionally. People get busy in planning for the next day. This time is very special for the children, when they return home from school and do rhetoric among their friends, this hope is bound to them every evening when they come from the office or the market.
In the evening, it is as if Mother Ganga is sending the fragrance of light to us. At this time, the view of nature is made just by looking at it. The whole world seems to be calm in the midst of the cold, cold light. Wherever it is seen, there are visions of unmatched beauty. The sight of the sun slowly setting, the golden rays coming from the middle of the mountains are pleasing to the mind.
Walking is a good habit in terms of health, some people take a walk in the evening and some in the morning, walking in the evening keeps the body healthy as well as gives energy. Everyone wants to get this unique pleasure.

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