The magical 'Cassia abbreviata' tree

Cassia abbreviata tree like this is the first time I'm seeing this tree, my friend in Kenya told me much about this but i seems not to believed since they say seeing is believing. For some time now, I've been hearing about this tree for its medicinal purposes.




I think the nature has blessed us with virtually everything we'd need, the cassia abbreviata tree is indeed a rich tree but my focus is on its fruit. As seen in the picture above, thats the tree fruit in my hand.
I'm I trying to eat it? Oh, yes, i tried to cut the long bole (fruit) while i suck it. You see that black thing after splitting it, that also contains its seed.

For whatever purposes this tree is used, eating its fruits is one you don't want to miss. It has this special taste quite sweetened and tastes so nice actually.

What does eating the fruit do?
According to a friend who had took me to see this tree, explained that eating the fruits, will literally flushe your stomach, make you purge and help relieve whatever back pain you have. Actually, i was complaining of all these things and he told me he has a natural solution to this and thats what led me to cassia abbreviata tree because i needed to try that as well.

One week later after eating its fruits, it did work exactly the way i was told, did make me purge more than i expected thou but thereafter i feel a sweet relieve in tummy while the back pain i was complaining of gradually relieved.

Must confess, i cant remember how many numbers of times i've been to this just to get the fruits. I do love it not only for its taste but for its medicinal attributes.

More pictures of the tree below as captured with my samsung S7 phone



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