|| Emotional Abuse - What we need to know? ||

Emotional abuse is common. You may think that you have full control over your life. But if you notice deeply, you will see that even you also go through different emotional abuse; maybe in relationships or in your workplace.



Now the equation is how can we be sure, we are going through emotional abuse so that we can take action against this?

The simplest way to identify emotional abuse is to notice how you're feeling inside. If you feel frustrated, misunderstood, depressed, and anxious for other's behavior or feedback; online offline, then you can say that you are going through emotional abuse. Remember even if you have a supportive partner or a smooth life, you can still go through emotional abuse because it can come from different parts of life.

If you are noticing people around you are expecting unrealistic things from you and creating pressure for that. if you are feeling invalidated for your action, if you are going through mental chaos then you are facing emotional abuse. Also, getting emotional blackmail, abusive words, getting an inferior feeling can be different from of emotional abuse.

We usually try to hide the whole thing and try to act normal. Like if we are getting blackmailing emails or threatening messages on social media or anywhere else. We try to hide it or ignore it. But this is also part of emotional abuse we should take this seriously.

To identify emotional abuse correctly can lead us to solve it, take action against it. that's why I think that identify emotional abuse is way more necessary to bring mental peace and for the betterment of mental health as well.

I will talk about how to deal with emotional abuse and how to get rid of it in another part of my writing. I hope this will help you a little bit!

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