Some considerations on the importance of ethics and values for professionals

Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón.
Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

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The role played by every professional implies that he/she adopts values that show that his/her work is carried out with the required Professional Ethics. It is evident that in the world there is a reality where not everyone proceeds in the right way, but this does not imply that one should incur in dishonest acts, since the professional has a responsibility, which when unfulfilled and done improperly, can lead to the Natural or Legal person to whom services are provided, to have legal problems.

The relationship between norms, conscience and moral values, which in general refer to rules and customs implemented on a daily basis to develop activities in society, must also be taken into account.

On the other hand, according to the environment of these aptitudes, the philosophical current of idealism predominates; in this one, on the one hand the objective idealism is proposed, where it is believed that the value can be obtained outside the people, and on the other hand the subjective idealism is believed that it is a value that can be obtained in the same conscience of each subject.

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We can mention then that the values are all those ethical principles that approve the subject to behave in an appropriate way in its logic at a given time. Some examples of them are: respect, commitment, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, among others.

Other terms that are Other terms that are very close are the qualities that are nothing more than attitudes and behaviors, which embody the way in which we proceed in a given environment, according to what we believe, feel and value. This aptitude is valuable for what they are, that is to say, for what they can come to mean or represent in a given society, and not for what we think of them.

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To conclude we can affirm that these aptitudes develop the virtues for the individual to apply them daily, bringing with them the expected positive results and benefits for society in general.

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