BRO News Paper Issue 6

Bro Newspaper Issue 6

New week, new round, new opportunities, new Bro News Paper. Grab a cup of coffee and sit back to catch up on all that has happened within the Hive Communities after reading this issue. Like every week, we try to bring you the best and hottest news, so you don't miss an opportunity.



This week we kick off with the STEM community. There is finally news to report. The big news has come out. And that can be seen in the current value of STEM. But then what's the news? A new game is coming to HIVE! To know exactly what I'm talking about, I would like to refer you to the post @themarkymark wrote, explaining what he's working on right now.

And be careful you're not on full ape mode while reading that post. Because that something big is coming to hive, with this new game and the new APE token, that should be clear. Soon we will alL hear more about the APE MINING CLUB. Until then, feel free to join the discord and wait for more news to come! One thing is for sure, it will change the dynamics in the STEM token, and what the APE is going to do I can only imagine. But I do know that we are seeing a lot of people aping in on STEM now. With that many game lovers and apes around on HIVE one should think that it becomes a success from the start, right? We'll have to wait and see, and always remeber

As Marky would say.

"None of this is financial advise and if you need financial advise, ask your mom!"

Natural Medicine

The Natural Medicine Community has gone through some changes lately, most notably the tribe's ownership has shifted into the hands of the trustees, essentially turning us into a kind of cooperative. Natural Medicine's mission has remained unchanged. That is, supporting and promoting holistic and natural health content on Hive. We have also chosen to do away with liquid HIVE rewards. This mainly in favor of designating beneficiaries. This move reduces both the treasurer's workload and eliminates the need to share the private keys among different trustees.

There is a lot to do in the Natural Medicine community, including a recurring contest and daily curation, which is published in a summary every week. The community is very transparent about this and although it is a fairly specific community, they are building well. If you want to stay informed of everything that goes on there, I would definitely follow the @lotusshares account. You will always find the latest news there.


There is no news about upcoming developments in the Weed Community, but that does not mean that people are sitting still there. There is a contest going on in which several cannabis enthusiasts are participating at the moment. And if you are also enthusiastic about that, I would definitely take a look in this contest to see how you can participate. @canna-curate will maybe visit you with a nice vote. I will put a link to this contest in the "CONTESTS" a little further on in this news paper.

In addition to this contest, canna-curate posts an overview every week with the Cannabis Community Highlights, and that's for sure worth a read. Because as we know by now, cannabis really isn't that bad.There are many possible uses for cannabis, not in the least that you can use CBD for many medical purposes. And it is always good to gain new knowledge. And that new knowledge is readily available in these community highlights.


There may not be any major developments with SPI, but I can tell you that if you have invested in SPI it is a very solid investment. Just to give an example. SPI has a large position within Cubdefi. The share in the bLEO/WBNB pool alone is over 2%. You can imagine that a good number of cubs are farmed per week with that investment. And because the LEO price is currently on the rise, just like the BNB, this will certainly be visible in the rising SPI price.


LBI also continues to make good progress and has grown in the 8 months that the project has now been in existence, from 1 LEO per LBI to at least 1.36 LEO per LBI. Slower but very consistent growth that is sure to do well in the long run. Because that's what you need to remember when you invest in LBI, it's NOT an income investment token, LBI is all about the long-term growth of the token. Remember, Slowly get rich!


DCity DeFi? Did you notice that we now have the option to swap SIM for HIVE, or HIVE for SIM. Just what you want of course. What works one way, also works the other way. But either way, we can swap! And in order to swap, it is necessary that a liquidity pool exists. That pool exists! And everyone who adds liquidity to this pool also gets rewards for it. You can read exactly how it works in the post DCity posted 2 days ago about swap from SIM to HIVE or vice versa. This means more opportunities for your DCity game, and an extra opportunity to earn SIM!

Neoxian City

This is not really new news. It's been 9 days already since @neoxian announced this, but I'm sure many of you don't know this yet. The Neoxag/Swap.hive diesel pool now gives rewards!!. A great addition that will make it interesting for many more people to keep their tokens instead of dumping them back on the market right away.

Of course it goes without saying to be CAUTIOUS if you want to invest in any token. But that the addition of rewards to this diesel pool can be a very nice and valuable addition, that is clear.


Oh yes of course. You wanted to hear how LeoFinance is going with the developments? As seems to be the case every week, there is also something new to report this week. In the second weekly dev update there was a lot of news to report.

Among other things, the BNB dividends on CubFinance for the 'residents' of the Cub Kingdom, have received an API Server fix. The first CUB IDO is scheduled for next week. Are you ready? The LeoFi app is one step closer and Khal has announced that he is working in collaboration with Taskmaster4450 on a plan to make the Daily LEO return! The mobile app, which will be the precursor to Project Blank

In short, many things that are being worked on. And I hope you are all ready for the changes that will bring. It seems that this can only go one way. And that's up!


And just when you think a week goes by without significant reporting from the Splinterlands, a new message arrives. It took Splinterlands 30 months to reach the first 50,000 registered accounts. After that, the growth accelerated. And now another 50,000 registered accounts have been added in just 5 days, bringing the total number of registered Splinterlands accounts to a staggering 300,000! WOW! Congratulations @splinterlands

Are you already part of the ever-growing Splinterlands family, or do you think it's too late to invest in Splinterlands now?

Bro Statistics

Like every week we have our very own chart artists who know everything about @brofund holdings. But also about everyting we as investors want to know. They are keeping us updated about what Brofund is earning, and what our returns from our Bro investment are.

Check out the latest stats here;


Every week you can indulge yourself if you like a good contest. Many different contests run every week, and some even every day, on our Hive Blockchain. As usual, I've been looking for some contests for you to participate in. I can't say it often enough, but if you are interested in participating, take a look at the relevant contest to see what the rules are for participation. After all, we don't want your contest entry invalid because you've overlooked something important!

This are just a few of the many contests you can find on Hive. If you have a contest that you want to see featured in here, let me know about it here in the comments or in Discord:
Forever HeRo#7082

Did you know that;

  • @themarkymark offered to send SPUNK mail to a Lobster

  • @neoxian is very generous to his city people

  • @trumpman wasn't born. He was brought by a stork

  • @jjb777 does give out financial advice, what is NOT financial advice Still could be worth to keep in the back of your mind if he says something about finances

  • @clayboyn has visited a snowball stand in August??? Please dear Lord, make the winter stay away for a while here.

  • According to @chronocrypto tomorrow is looking EXTRA juicy for Utopis holders

  • @melinda010100 every year get a birthday cake from @denissemata via her Hive blog That is so sweet!

  • @melbourneswest is still looking for the 'great big crypto boom'. Will he ever experience it?

  • @leonis and @trumpman assist him with advice Not for anything, but seeing those advices I'd say they're worth heeding

General Crypto News

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano prices correct slightly down

  • Messi paid in crypto

  • Cardano (ADA) smart contracts are really coming!

  • Biggest DeFi hack ever has a happy ending
    Men save a puppy from drowning in Turkey

  • Ripple (XRP) Must Hand Over More Communications Data in Lawsuit

  • 55 of the top 100 banks have invested in crypto and blockchain

  • Argentina is open to accepting Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin mining difficulty is rising

And besides the fact that there is something new to report every day in the world of Crypto, there is also a lot happening around you in the world.

  • Ebola virus has resurfaced in Côte d'Ivoire for the first time in 25 years

  • Men save a puppy from drowning in Turkey

  • Curaçao Coast Guard intercepts 1,325 kilos of drugs, and makes 12 arrests

  • New Zealand will keep its borders closed until at least next year

  • Polish parliament approves media law, which critics say limits press freedom

That was it for this busy and eventful week. A week with a lot of news, a week in which happened and in the crypto world it is almost only positive messages. And I can imagine that this could provide enough food for conversation. If you would like to talk to us about anything now ... you are most welcome in our;


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