Just a short one - Night Run

I just finished a 6.108km running that lasted about 0hh:28mm:26ss !


Unlike Tuesday, I didn't feel full of energy and motivation today. I was sore from Tuesday longish run, and just feeling like not doing much. I'm pretty sure the return of the heat is a reason for that. And if it wasn't for the rain in the forecast tomorrow, I probably would have skipped the run today. But I went anyways, and even if I started after 9pm, it was still about 82F (or 28 degrees Celsius). Way too hot for me! So, as I really wanted to get done quickly with this run, I thought I would go for a shorter one, but faster. And I did feel as though as I was going faster. Turns out I was only a few seconds per miles faster than my usual paces. It's strange sometimes how your perception can be deceiving.

This time, I only stayed for less than a mile in the woods (you can see the trail entrance on the cover picture) and quickly went back to the pedestrian/bike lane along some of the local streets. Except a couple of bunnies that ran parallel to me for a little bit, no wildlife to report.

In the end, I was still struggling with motivation, and once I made sure I was past 5k, I really thought about stopping and walking the rest of the way home. But I saw a couple of dog walkers in the last portion. I don't really know them, but I see them sometimes in the neighborhood. And call it pride, or ego, or whatever you want, but not willing to give up in front of them gave me just enough energy to finish the last half mile without even slowing down. Probably one of the reasons my times in races with spectators are always so much better.

With the possible rain, tomorrow will most likely be a rest day, except for the dog walks of course. And we'll see what kind of running/biking I can make this week end.

Till then, keep Exhausting!

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