June 16th 2021, I am trying to get healthy


It has been a very, very long time since I ran for the last time, or since I have even done any sport at all. During the pandemic I have gained over 20KG, and I feel bad, because I have always been considered very skinny (under 8% body fat in my teens, 1.9m tall and around 60KG, so very, very skinny).

Quick background:

After I turned 20 years old I was gaining weight constantly and noticeably, until at around 22Y/O I felt it was enough and signed up for the gym and started weightlifting. I was hitting the gym from 3 to 5 times a week for almost 1 year, before the pandemic, I was 23. Not very hard, not eating that well too, but better than nothing.


Now, after the pandemic it all went downhill, as I was eating more, from stress and anxiety, and not doing any exercise.

Today I decided it was enough, but I did not suspect it was going to be this hard.

I started by trying to run 5KM, and failed miserably. I had that goal because I did run once in a while, before the pandemic, and I could do 10KM at under 4min/KM, but I was a bit more fit back then.

First log:

I, first, ran 3 laps, with a few minutes of rest between them.

The first lap was easy, I did 1KM at a quick page.
The second lap I tried to push further, and managed to, but it was more than I could handle...
So on the third one I really really tried, but I could not keep the pace and could not even to half a KM at an even slower pace....

You can see how bad it was by the hight heart rate.




Second log:

I knew I was at my limit, so I then decided to just walk, but walk fast(for someone who is very unfit).

So, you can see again, the high heart rate, despite the much slower pace.



Last one, tried to sprint

I was feeling already lightheaded and low on blood sugar, I then had a goal to do 4 sprints, but managed to do only 1. In the end I was regreting my decisions, but we have got to start somewhere... I did not continue because I was already feeling low on blood sugar, I know I need to learn what, when and how to eat before running.

Curiously my heart rate is lower, probably because I took some time to rest, and did some very short sprints.




I know I am unhealthy, I felt sad feeling my belly fat jumping up and down at each step, but it is a beginning. I would rather go back to the gym, but I don't trust staying in a tight space with people sweating and breathing hard around me, when there are people dying from COVID, I would rather keep trying to run, and get a better cardio performance, so when we are vaccinated and the gym looks safe again, I can go back to lift their weights, and hopefully lose mine!