Killer Shoulder workout for growth

Absolutely nothing else asserts physical dominance quite like massive 3D shoulders. They represent pure brawn, and every weightlifter wishes to have them. I believe that they respond best to intense amounts of volume with lighter weights. This belief revolves mainly around results and past shoulder injuries that leads to some exercises being a no go. I bring to you my shoulder workout for great growth.

4x20 standing dumbbell shoulder press
3x12 one arm landmine press
3x15 seated dumbbell press
3x20 lateral raise
3x20 bent over fly
3x15 plate front raise
3x20 second dumbbell front hold
3x15 face pull

If this program is followed, there is sure to be some size placed onto the shoulders. Remember, this is a hypertrophy program, hence there being no barbell exercises present. While you may think that these rep ranges mainly train for endurance, you’d be partly wrong. While your shoulders will adapt to the lactic acid, they will also grow. I don’t exactly know the science, but from heuristics I see far better shoulder growth with high reps.

Feel free to tell me what you think of this method and whether you have any suggestions in the comments!

I do not have any certifications regarding fitness, this is simply my own opinion. Consult your own personal trainer and physician before beginning this program. I cannot stress this enough, use correct technique.

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