| First event technical review, how many tickets did we sold and the giveaway

@JuxtaMusic set up an incredible show last night and I'm very grateful for the opportunity that he gave to to be the gateway for this event.

As I said in my previous post, there will be a giveaway for all the people that bought a ticket you can see the full list of participants down below:

Total Prize pool - 30 Vibes for top 3

First place 15 Vibes @atnep111
Second place 10 Vibes @tlundy47
Third place 5 Vibes @virusfx

But most important is that every participant get a unique NFT that is going to be very usefull in the future develpment of the platform

There was 15 participants so the printing rate is limited to 15, on the NFT you will see all the details about the event .
The plan is to give you the ability to collect this NFT Tickets like suvenirs and grant you access for free to an event for free when you give proof of ownership.

We had some problems with discord last night this is way we done the event on youtube, we will try to improve the communication. proof, I removed Liuke and myself from the list.

Best regards,

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