Rising Star Journal #8 : First Starbits Stake

Today's current level





Hello everyone, its another day in @risingstargame. Today I had my first Saturday Support Mission. It takes 90% of energy and 120 minute to finished.

I tried to get the Saturday Headline mission but I can managed to get 300 fans. I need to keep doing mission to be able to maintain my fan count.

promoter reward.png

Yesterday's Music Promoter Rewards, I got 1.01 Starpro, I did managed to get into the promoters bid two times, and I get my reward more than usual XD

total mission.png

Going to 400 Total mission soon.

My current achievement.

Total Mission = 314
Illegal Busking = 151
Open Mic Night = 35
Mid Week Support = 29
Licensed Busking = 10
Midweek Headline Slot = 10
Saturday Support = 1 ( in 30 minutes+ xD)

Now I am focusing on doing mission to collect as much as Starbits I can get in one day.


My current rank still dropping from 642 yesterday to 662 today.

I just found out that I can stake Starbits to the records. I just tried on how this stake will work out on collecting the Starbits from now on.


I just put 1000 Starbits to the highest Starbits pool. I am not sure if it is the correct choice but we will see it in two or three days

Last but not least. Happy gamming everyone!!


Have a great day everyone!! Cheers!