Dreamcatcher - Original Composition

After cruising past the Golden Wat Kean Kleang Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Phnom Penh Cambodia, its reflection caught my eye so I whipped my motorcycle around and decided to investigate.
The outside structure is full of detailed statues all painted gold!
Cool place to do a video I thought, so I went back the following day with my nice new blue jacket and gave it a go.
I propped the camera on the back of my motorbike seat and placed a little speaker at the feet of the golden lady in the middle there.
Yeah it was embarrassing! A few monks were just out of shot watching, thinking what the bloody hell is he doing here.
I slipped one of them $5 and he was as sound as a pound.

The opportunity was there and I took it :D
Here's a tune I wrote called Dreamcatcher.
Cheers for the support.
Stay radical :)

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