Announcing The Biggest Music Community in Hive 🎸

The title, more than clickbait is a promise

Hey hi, Im @liuke96player, creator of "Academia Libertad" (find me on Youtube) and part of the team of the great game "Rising Star" that I invite you to enjoy.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the start of this wonderful project that will be a step further in every way. When I joined the Rising Star team, I did so with the intention of contributing everything I could to that community so that the game would be attractive and viable in the long term.

With that mission and based on my way of seeing the world, I thought that the best way to make that mission a reality was to offer ALL the value that is possible to users. That is why I came up with many ideas that consist of offering value, but one of the most ambitious was that of a TRIBE that was clearly going to be deeply related to the concept and brand of Rising star.


Musicforlife 🤘

A tribe for music lovers

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This is very important to see the potential of the tribe, because I think other projects have made the mistake of focusing on musicians when the gold mine is on music lovers, anyone who considers that they enjoy music. enough to tell a friend for example how a song made you feel, or how was the last concert you went to or just talking about your favorite singer is more than welcome in this tribe.

However, before reaching the point of the tribe, it seems more than logical to go step by step testing the market and adapting ourselves to optimize the growth process of this project. That is why in this period we will take care of collecting data and information that helps us shape this product based on what is best for users. This is an extension of the Rising Star universe, it is something that could work on its own but is greatly enhanced in synergy to create the start of a thriving ecosystem on the hive blockchain.

So the first step will be the launch of this community in Hive where everyone is invited to publish content related to the world of music in every way, I will leave here a list of examples of topics that are supported in this community:

  • Posting about your favorite band
  • Posting about your favorite member of a band (singer, guitarrist, basist, etc)
  • Posting about how a certain song or artist impacted you
  • Experiences in concerts
  • Tops on best genres, albums, songs, etc.
  • Posting on any genre of music
  • Posting about how the music or some song has marked you
  • Your plans as a musician
  • Share your covers
  • Vocal coach Vlogs and posts
  • Reacting to a band or a song
  • History of musicians and bands
  • Music production stuff
  • Bussiness behind music
  • Opening debates about topics related to bands, musicians, etc
  • Rising Star and related posts

These are only a few of the unlimited stuff that we can create starting off the potential of music.We can really include an immense amount of topics that will be accepted in the community and the objective of this is also to offer a bridge between the world of cryptocurrencies that could look a bit complicated and the common people who do not know about them.

What will you get as a reward?

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This project will have 2 phases, the PRE-TRIBE phase and the POST-TRIBE phase.

In the first phase you will be rewarded with upvotes from our curation trail @risingstargame that currently exceeds 300,000 HP among 81 users, in addition to giving incentives through NFT draws, Starbits (Rising Star utility token) and other ways to encourage activity within the community.

You must be very attentive to the announcements that I make, so that you do not miss any surprises.

In the second phase, apart from the rewards of the first phase, in the Tribe you will get a second token called "STARS" (name not yet official, like the name of the tribe) that you can use to interact on the platform to all uses of proof of brain and blogging interactivity. In addition, it will be launched with an added utility since you can use these tokens within the game for EXCLUSIVE functions and for all the products/services that are gonna be launched within the Rising ecosystem.

How are we going to make this great?

There will be 3 market segments that I will pursue until they fall in love with the MusicForLife concept:

  • Crypto Users
  • Non crypto Users but music lovers
  • People that wants to start on cryptocurrency but dont know how
  1. Crypto users - By this I mean that there will be marketing strategies through @academialibertad and @risingstargame to attract users who are already in the crypto world, starting with the users of the blockchain hive and expanding to other communities through advertising, alliances with youtube channels that are related to the crypto space, and incentives to users to invite friends to the tribe.

  2. Non crypto Users but music lovers - This will undoubtedly be the most ambitious, difficult but most promising part that the community and tribe MusicForLife will have, as they will be marketing strategies and alliances to invite youtubers with content related to music to the platform through advertising payments and alliances, to invite their audiences to join our platform. It is something that will have to be optimized very well as it will have to attract users and retain them within the platform in the long term.

  3. This will be carried out especially by my @liuke96player with my youtube channel Academia Libertad, because I will include the tribe and sell the concept as the best way to start in the world of cryptocurrencies from scratch, since we start from a topic that most of us love "the music" and what will allow you to obtain your first income in the crypto world on an easy-to-use blockchain with access to various applications and games such as hive. I plan to record a course based on promoting the tribe and helping people to get into cryptos in an easy way and I can surely boost it with ads on YouTube.

How to be part of the community?

You can join the community by subscribing to it and you can also participate in it using the tags "risingstar" that will eventually be delegated only for game content and "musicforlife" that will be for the content of the community / tribe while we find the perfect name for launch the tribe and we are collecting information for its optimization.

The first step

Tomorrow I will upload a video to my youtube channel presenting the tribe and promoting the use of it. This will give life to the community on its first day, in addition to that I will be making constant announcements in these early days of the community, the next thing will be that I will be recruiting members for the tribe team to help us meet the objectives described above . It will be a community supported in both Spanish and English languages, as the rising star team and community is very diverse and rich in culture and language.

If you are interested in this project, you can write to me via discord telling me how you could contribute to the Musicforlife community.

Academia Libertad Discord
Rising Star Discord

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