The HIVE Portrait Photography Contest - Underground Music Club

Underground Music Club

Long time no see. Did not post for a while on Portrait photography contest and it is week 10 on Hive. In the current situation i just had no new portraits. Last weekend i took some photos from a jam in Underground Music Club, and some are worthy to be entered in the contest :)
Underground Music Club 1.jpg

Photo taken with Canon 80d, shutter speed 1/160 (so i don't go over 1/200 because the flash sync speed), f-2.5 and ISO 200. Lens was Sigma 18-35 at 35mm. If you want to see modifier for the flash, you can click on one of the links below, it is a recording of the jam, and you can see the big white background. Flash was behind it, turned to the wall in the middle of the stage.

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