Blue Light from your Gadgets May Permanently Damage your Eyes!

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In this era where we use smartphone's for almost everything and most of us work on computer screen all-day. We gotta keep in mind that all these devices emit light and blue light in particular may be very toxic for your 👀.

A lost of research has been done on blue light and it has been concluded that it has a potential to lead to macular degeneration which is one of the leading causes of loss of vision in the United States. The degeneration results due to photoreceptor cell death in the retina. These photoreceptor cells function is to capture Visual images and signal it to the brain .
So , basically blue light causes chemical reaction in the eye which poisonous to these 'photoreceptor' cells and hence rendering them damaged. Since there is no regeneration of these cells it leads to vision loss.

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Blue light has a shorter wavelength compared to other lights hence bave more energy. This extra energy may be reason behind the chemical reaction s which leads to degeneration. It is seen that blue light leads to degeneration of photoreceptor cells but it is still not clear how much light can harm "how much". But since the cells dont regenerate we know that the damage done is irreversible.

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Over using gadgets may also lead to dry eye's due to reduced blinking rate . Sleep is one of the most important factors for optimal health. Lack of sleep may kead to various diseases. Using devices with screen during the night may trick your brain that its daytime and lead to sleep problems. Blue light from the sun or Laptop reduves your sleep due ro very effective melatonin production.

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Blue light is not all bane , blue light therapy devices can be used to improve mood, fatigue , performance etc. Many devices now days have blue light protection where they reduce most of the blue light emited by the screen or device and also blue light protection glasses are available which can used while working on tech gadgets.
Thankyou for reading upto here ! Hope you learn something new ^^ Lemme know your thoughts in the comments.
Stay safe!


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