One more reminder about PROJECT HOPE stand on PLAGIARIZM and post spinning




Several days ago we've written an announcement about creating an internal anti-plagiarism department within our PH community. With @gbenga being in charge of it and myself together with @juanmolina supporting his work and efforts.

If you, dear readers, have not read that publication yet, then please spare a few minutes and open that link and read it CAREFULLY.

Unfortunatelly, it seem that this issue has been haunting us recently and a few users posting within our community were not careful enough and did plagiarize someones elses work AGAIN. At the same time enjoying some financial benefits (author rewards). This act has got to stop effective immediately!

This attracted unwanted attention of a few users (@hivewatcher, @jaguar.force), who took on their shoulders the responsibility of fighting with plagiarism. Those who have dealt with these particular users should know already, that it may be a very unpleasent and hostile experience. Therfore it's best to avoid it at all cost.



I've wrote it once, however I would like to repeat it again:

This is very important for every member of our community to be educated and fully aware, that we cannot support content which is considered "stolen". Setting up a link to a source (original post) doesn't really change much in my opinion. Especially if content is simply copied + pasted.

In that case rejecting payout is a MUST.

In case any of you would commit such an action and would get caught, PH will not be punishing and pursuing such a user. You won't receive downvote. However, if a similar situation will repeat itself, then our support with come to a COMPLETE STOP.

Obviously, we may consider giving "another chance" to such a user, based on his/hers performance and level of engagement within the community. I believe that there may be some users, who are worth fighting for and educating.

Our goal is to educate people, not to punish them.



I would greatly appreciate it if each and every one of you would consider uploading this banner at the bottom of your post:


My line of thinking is simple - if we put extra focus on that particular topic and we underline how important it is to stay away from plagiarism, then we will most likely succesfully educate all our members and limit similar situations from happening again.

I also strongly believe, that noone will be "brave enough" to use this banner while knowing that published content is actually stolen (or re-worded) and ownership of such a content belongs to someone else.

That would be a deliberate lie.



Before JUNE is over - I would love to succesfully educate everyone within our community on this topic. It does cost me time and energy to deal with this issue. Not to mention unnecessary stress of dealing with those 2 users mentioned above.

So please, take it seriously, avoid plagiarism and post-spinning and use that banner in your future publications.



I would appreciate each resteem, since it will help us reach most PH members.
Also please drop a short comment confirming reading this post.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder,

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