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ZkTube, a layer-two solution for the Ethereum's ecological development!

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Hi friends. Today we will talk with you about one interesting project I have already considered on my YouTube channel. The project seeks to improve the quality of work on the Ethereum network. The fact is that in 2021 you faced a serious problem with Ethereum, the lack of scalability of your project, your blockchain. All users of this network have experienced this problem. Transactions were slow, costly, and new projects simply could not enter the market at the request of transaction fees. But this did not prevent the decentralized project from developing in this one and making a profit. But the problem of blockchain and scalability remains open today. Therefore, most developers strive to create projects that allow for the easy scalability of any blockchain. Of course, it's not easy. In this article, you will find information on the project, which provides a unique solution for the Ethereum project in the form of a second layer.

My presentation of the project "YouTube (Rus)"

So what is this second layer

The second layer is the platform and protocols that are distributed on top of the blockchain layer. For example, on top of the Ethereum blockchain layer and allows increasing its scalability and performance. This is all accomplished by computing outside of the Ethereum network. This allows fast and high-quality scalability of the blockchain. Projects that are covered with a second layer. Facilitate the operation of the entire network, blockchain allows to reduce the cost of transactions, as well as increase network bandwidth and increase speed.

Today we will talk with you about the project that will create the second layer of Ethereum. This project is called ZkTube. The team is trying to solve problems related to the speed of cost and security in the Ethereum network.


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A unique protocol 2 that will unleash new capabilities of the ethereum network. ZkTube allows you to lower your on-net commission prices. For you to understand, the team is talking about over 3000 transactions per second on the non-Ethereum network. It will allow most projects to be decentralized projects. Conduct more transactions within the Ethereum network. At the same time, the commission within such projects will significantly decrease. Operations on uniswap would be a good example. Layers are widely used by the project to reduce transaction costs for decentralized finance. This led to a significant decrease in transactions within the network. The project also seeks to provide a safe solution. All contracts passing through the project can be traced back to their roots.

ZkTube is a comprehensive solution for improving the Ethereum network that enables secure off-city computing. The project has already provided a wallet that runs on their protocol and allows transactions through the Ethereum networks with reduced fees. You can also find Explorer on the site. Which shows all conducted transactions of the second layer. Likewise, in the first layer, you can track your operations. This information is open to all users.


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Can the project be called exceptional? I think not. The reason for this is the open-world problem of scalability and blockchain. Many companies are trying to solve this problem. Creating its own unique off-grid computing power. Such projects should be closely monitored. Therefore, they have a very good perspective for growth and development in the future. Because there are more and more projects, the scalability solution is in fact too few today. ZkTube actively discusses scalability issues, participates in various forms and is actively involved in the social development of blockchain technologies. This project deserves our attention and must be supported by the community.


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Most projects today seek to solve this problem. A second layer has been created that allows you to work at low transaction costs and at high speed. It is very important. For the future of digital currencies. ZkTube is well-positioned to become the industry leader. Since the project will offer a better protocol. It will undoubtedly take a leading position in the niche of the old and third layers of blockchain technology. Thank you for your attention. Goodbye.

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