Leap into the future


Haven't you ever wondered why we get the idea of the future? That is, thinking about how we will be in that small time that is approaching us? How will our world look like in a few years? It is impossible for humanity to focus only on the present, because we are beings that feed on the past and future, to make the present look for an ideal course, where we all live different lives or at least that is what is believed, that is why humanity is so close to poetry and of course to the fictional world, because we long for everything we already lost or still do not have and it is because the human mind is a parallel world inside a small mortal body.

Self-control is important, so that our mental stability is not compromised and much less we have a reason to stop believing in our possibilities, it is there where we have to take a leap into the future, letting our soul free and generate a unique energy, staring at everything that makes us breathe, everything that allows us to continue believing. Our focus is in the background, but the truth is that our ideas are intertwined to make our present world turn off everything that harms us and exist without any prejudice.


Running towards a new world, is what we all wish for, without letting the stones that made us fall, take part again in our path; we will always be looking for something that is a reason to live, at least until the sun goes out and we become captives of destiny, meanwhile we have the obligation to survive and make every day we spend in this world worthwhile.

Since childhood we are taught that we must prepare for the future and what we want to be, but the truth is that we spend our lives looking to improve our future years, without making a change in our present, to live happily and without any concern, but this is our essence, for this we were created or at least we are accustomed to this.

Our mind has to be a field of positive struggle, achieving that every idea we memorize is executed with a unique energy, achieving a real leap into the future, where we find our best version, making every minute we have spent in this galaxy has been worthwhile and of course we achieve a small place in the history of our world.

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