If You Were a Deer, How Do You Spot a Tiger? Let's Make a Collage Contest Round 91

This is my entry for the contest from LMAC community and it's also my first time posting here. I have been reading the rules like 3 times but it is a bit complicated. so if I make any mistakes, please do let me know. Thank you.

Have you ever asked yourself what colour can you see if you were animals?

I recently watched a documentary about "Life in color" in Netflix in which shows how animals and insects see colour. I am so surprised that animals have different kinds of color vision. Some have very poor color vision and others have very good color vision. In fact some birds and bees have super color vision and see ultroviolet colours that humans don't see. That's pretty amazing, right?

Oh sorry, I should get back to the story of why I want to write this post and what I want to tell you about deer's vision. When I saw the question in this contest "What do you see in this picture that is not yet there?" I immediately think about the documentary that I mentioned above, in which I learnt that the world is quite a different place through the eyes of a deer. And I would like to create a scene to show you how it looks like.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to participate in the contest as I am not a graphic designer or a digital artist. However, I think it is quite fun to join and I might learn something news. So I decided to give it a go.

I read the instructions on the community about using Gimp to create a collage. After spending almost all Saturday morning downloading and figuring out what to do with Gimp, my old computer refuses to work with that application.

I thought that's it. I couldn't do anything about it. But then I realise I could use Canva to do simple things like removing background of images and adding it to the original photo or changing the colours. Luckily, I could create something for the contest. It is not what I expected to achieve but I think it is quite close to demonstrate the concept of what a deer can not see through the 2 images below.

I used the original image from @shaka as a starting point. Then I want to create a scene where two deers are grazing and a tiger stalkes them. The magical feathers are just for fun, I am just in love with it when I saw it in the LMAC image library. I was hoping to use Gimp to hide the tiger in the bush, so it is not that obvious to see him but with Canva, I couldn't do it.

What can we (as a human) see?

That's how we see the world in human eyes. We can see the full rainbow colour spectrum. The tiger with orange and black coat appears conspicous to our eyes.

What a deer can see - Image 1.png

What a deer can see?

Deers have only two types of colours receptors in their eyes compared to our three. They have trouble spotting red and orange. This means that a tiger in its orange coat and with its black pattern may blend into a the area just fine which cause a deer to simply see a tiger as another green bush in the forest.

what a deer can see image 2.png

Below are photos I used for this collage

ag3vFp4 - Imgur.jpg
Original image provided by @shaka

Bouquet For My Alien Love - From @justclickindiva in LMAC Image library

Grass - From @onyechi in LMAC Image library

Tiger - From Flickr, Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/vi-vn/anh/thien-nhien-thu-v-t-long-thu-s-c-14589)

Deer 1- From Bibhukalyan Acharya, Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/vi-vn/anh/nh-c-n-c-nh-h-u-an-c-1579683/)

Deer 2 - From Olga Lioncat, Pexels (https://www.pexels.com/vi-vn/anh/thien-nhien-canh-d-ng-mua-he-r-ng-7244432/)

Divider 1.jpg

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my post today. As I am still new with Hive, every week I try to participate in different Hive community contests to find out which one is best suited to me. If it is possible, please share with me your favourite ones in the comment below. Cheers, Dora

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