Let's Make A Collage #94 - Spring of Rejuvenation


Here is my entry into this week's LMAC! I had a hard time naming this one. Normally they just kind of come to me, but I really had to think about it this week! 😅

It almost has a prehistoric feel to it, but I wanted to stick with my original idea of making a sort of magical or important place. Like an ancient shrine or something.

Also, it's been fun creating these collages the past two weeks with the LIL images, and not creating custom 3D objects. It's nice being able to use other people's images and grant some beneficiary rewards, but it's also just been a whole lot faster.

I also enjoy playing around in Photoshop when I can. It's just been a nice change all around so I may continue to do it this way for a while.

Anyway, here is the original template image from @shaka


All images were from the LIL! Thanks everyone for your pictures!

AuthorImage Title
@lunaturquezaLion Sculpture
@hernleon74Paisaje de Playa (Bird)
@sachingeorgeAmazing Nature

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