Maybe I need help with this

Well, this is a little strange.

Yesterday while I was out on the street I got a call from a cousin telling me that my uncle had a stroke. It was completely horrible news because he lost mobility on one side of his body.

Since last night he has been in a hospital and has been receiving treatments ever since. Today I had to pay $97 for a cardiology test at a private clinic since a public hospital does not perform this type of test.

Right now my uncle is still in the hospital being cared for. I haven't seen him since the trouble so I have no idea exactly what the situation is like, but I may need help from the community.

At the moment the situation is a bit out of my hands financially, so I would like to try to ask for some help here. I've never liked to do this kind of thing because I know we all have problems in our lives and things to take care of, so I don't want you to feel sorry for me either. I don't know what other expenses might come up, but I would need more than $200 to be sure I can pay for any future tests he requires.

I am also not taking into account the treatments that may arise or the needs we may have at home (lack of food is still a reality). I also don't think I will be able to be active for long as I will have to spend time at the hospital with my aunt to keep an eye on everything that may happen.

Anyway, I just wanted to make this known. If there is anyone who can help me in this situation, I would obviously be more than grateful. I honestly don't feel like writing more about this because it's a bit of a difficult situation for me since I've been raised by my aunt and uncle since I was a baby, he's a second father to me and I'm pretty hurt emotionally. But anyway I will try to keep some activity on Hive behind the scenes as I have a commitment to this community and I also enjoy being here.

I decided to also take a few pictures as proof of what is really going on. I didn't take pictures of my uncle because I honestly wouldn't like to see him like this and I don't think it's necessary either.


This is the inform. I'll translate it into English:

Non-contrast computed tomography of the brain
Technique: Axial sections were performed from the base to the cranial vault without administration of iodinated contrast intravenously.
Hypodense foci in subcortical white matter, deep white matter and right basal ganglia in relation to recent ischemic lesions.
Brain parenchyma with accentuated widening of sulci and convexity fissures. There are no hematic collections.
Supratentorial ventricular system and basal c systems show prominent diameters and configuration, with a periventricular appearance. No extraaxial alterations are demonstrated.
Visualized portions of the brain stem appear normal in appearance.
Posterior fossa shows IV central ventricle, normal size, cerebellar hemispheres without pathological tomographic signs.
Ocular, retrocular, selar and parasellar region without apparent pathology.
Atheromatous calcifications of the cavernous carotid arteries.

I translate it into English in case there is any physician who wants to corroborate this information. I honestly have no idea about most of what it says here, let alone am I sure it is translated correctly in English


These are the prices of the exams I paid today. Prices are expressed in BSS


These are some of the treatments he needs.

photo_2021-08-25_18-20-29 (2).jpg

I don't even know what exactly this is. More treatments I guess.


More stuff.

I currently have no more pictures about all the things he will need. So far I know that they will have to do more cardiology tests on him and things relevant to the brain.

I can be uploading more pictures about the things that are being paid for and all the things I need.

I would be very grateful to the Hive community if they can lend a hand for this as this is really something that is out of my hands. I am really sorry to make this kind of post, but I never thought I would be in a situation like this.

Take care of yourselves and also take care of yours. Feel free to write me on Discord if I don't have time to answer all the comments (if there are).

Thank you - Jean here.

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