All Aboard OCD's Onboarding Program: Purepinay's Hive Cebu Seminar

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This is an appreciation post for the host and the team behind the first successful Hive Onboarding Seminar - @purepinay! You outdid yourself on this one. Shoutout to @gerel, @indayclara, @ybanezkim26 and @chillwithshanna for your hard work on this one too.

I was supposed to be part of the working committee for this event however, due to conflicts in schedule, I came in as a spectator only. I will try to do my Hive mates justice by covering their awesome in the event. Sit tight as we hop on aboard @purepinay's first Hive Onboarding Seminar.

The Venue

R&R Urban Cafe was the perfect place for the first intimate Hive Onboarding Seminar. When I came in, most of the new invites were already there. The working committee were busy but never too busy to share a smile. I was greeted by @ybanezkim26, @chillwithshanna and the feisty @indayclara. It was also my second time to see Gilaine (@purepinay) in real life. She kindly gave me my rsvp ticket that I could exchange it for a drink at the bar. From her face to her nails and her shoes, this girl was just sparkling!

free drink.jpg
when I got to R&R cafe, @purepinay handed my my RSVP ticket and I had it exchanged for a cup of hot chocolate

The projector screen was already showing the first page of the Hive presentation prepared by and Gilaine. She was telling us how she didn't open the presentation yet so we'll all be surprised. But I'm telling ya, she was able to come through confidently. Speaking of confident hosting, props to Claire (@indayclara) for being the hottest emcee 🔥 You rocked that stage, girl.

@indayclara and @purepinay - ready to give the audience the Hive surprise

The Hive Presentation

We had a little introduce yourself portion before Gil presented the slides. Most of the new invites were bloggers, teachers and customer service professionals. Shoutout to @sassycebuana, @jongcl, @byaaaheeelou, @intoy.bugoy, @jeennicious, @cheerupwithjl, @explorewithsasha, @hiraya and @itsmiessyonpeakd welcome to Hive! If you guys could give them a warm welcome, go ahead 😄


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guests 3.jpg

Being in Hive for almost two years now, I could say that I know Hive fairly well. Gil's presentation proved me wrong. She said it best "We have been blogging in the blockchain for almost 4 years now, but up to now, we are still learning. There's always something new to discover here in Hive."

the Hive blockchain.jpg

Hive ecosystem mini.jpg

Gil was the life of the seminar! She was able to showcase Hive in a way that wasn't too intimidating to the newbies. She was able to cover the technicalities, the economics and the Hive ecosystem. She was able to inject her charm and a sprinkle of a little humor. Girl, you have gained a fan right here 💯


Claire introduced Kim (@ybanezkim26) as the passionate Hiver who is one of the significant voices in the Hive Cebu community. Kim made a disclaimer before his talk that he is the introvert type who isn't so comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. While he is like that in real life, in Hive, he truly found his place. He shared about his inspiring beginnings as an engineer here in Cebu and how his salary there couldn't even match up to what Hive has given him now. He narrated how he was anxious to have made the life-changing decision to quit his job to pursue Hive full-time. He didn't regret his decision and he is proud to share that he is building his retirement fund with Hive.

Kim testi.jpg
@ybanezkim26 sharing his Hive journey almost made me tear up

I was then called by Claire to share. At first I told the guests how skeptic I was of Kim when he invited me to join the blockchain before. When I got my first payout, the thoughts of skepticism were then replaced with thoughts of tremendous potential. I also shared how I came to invite awesome people like Shanna (@chillwithshanna). I also shared that if I were to describe Hive in three words, these words would be - social media, economics and communities.

me sharing how a skeptic turned into a Hive life enthusiast

Social media - the aspect of engaging with the other users online. Economics - Hive in itself has a built-in economy. Communities - which perhaps is the greatest value that the Hive platform has to offer. I consider the network that we've made here in Hive as significant. There's just power in people with different passions coming together to give value to the Hive blockchain.

social media.jpg
Hive is more than just a social media platform

Eating Time

On behalf of everyone, I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to @purepinay. She paid for all the food and goodies we had on that day. Look at all the food we shared in R&R Urban Cafe. Gil also spoiled us with Hive goodies. We even had a raffle draw!

yummy Pinoy favorites

OCD onboarding shirts and sanitizer sprays

raffle winner.jpg
congratulations to this lucky one

The guests then signed up and logged in their Hive accounts while dinner was ongoing. We created a Hive Support Group to help them find their way in navigating this awesome platform. Needless to say, we ended the seminar right - we ended with our minds, hearts and our tummies full 😂 and we gained new friends.


The Gaillery

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