My First Post On Hive Blog (Introduction)

Hi HIVE friends, how's life goin! After a long time of inactivity on Steemit, I'm finally back on the big HIVE platform. Proud to be joining this great platform. The reason I joined this platform is, where we can share both in terms of culture to interesting photos in different communities.
By the way, Previously I was actively using Esteem about 4 years ago, a cool application for making blog posts thag created by @good-karma. Before I tell you at length, so that we can get to know each other more intimately, there is a saying that says "If people don't know who are you, they don't love you". I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Taufar Teuku Bantalidan, just call me Taufar. Father with 3 children 2 sons and 1 daughter.


Now I teach in a private school in Lhokseumawe City and also in several non-formal education. Being a Crypto Enthusiasm and Crypto Hodler makes me even more excited to continue to explore and expand my knowledge about it.


In between when I work and share time with my family, I like to capture objects in the form of photos. Well, the world photography has become a hobby that I love so much, especially with the theme "Street Photography, Landscape, Monochrom, Shadow hunter Photography, and also sharing knowledge about culture in Hive Cross Culture.
When it comes to doodling on daily activities, I am more enthusiastic about writing about everyday life in the form of "Diary".

When i know about blockchain based social media?
In November 2016, I started getting to know the world of crypto currency and blockchain-based social media, namely through Steemit.

And I make regular posts using the Esteem app, a masterpiece of @good-karma and friends. A platform with "Home Of Free Speech and a Rewarding Community",and i love HIVE so much.

What i have done in the previous platform (Steemit) ? - promotions and charity event

Promoting the platforms where I am active as well as mainstream platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter so that more people are pro-active in writing and creating posts on blockchain-based platforms. I was also helped by my younger brother @yuclino to make the charity program become success at that time.
Earnings on the platform is very helpful for daily income. Since there are still many people in need in living their lives, 20% of my income on the steemit platform I donate to help orphans and poor people who need education and buy necessities for their daily lives. God willing, I would also implement it on this platform, if I have no trouble with sustenance.

Best Regards



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