The simple App that would change everything for Hive.

A lot of us think that we need some kind of mass adoption for Hive to rise in value, and I’m guilty of having been one of them. It makes sense. More buyers and the price rises. More adoption, more buyers. Growing in numbers is absolutely something we should be perusing but what if stabilizing and the price , and allowing it to grow much higher is much easier than that? What if one extremely simple App could change everything?


While we try to make this place attractive for buyers, we could also be working just as hard to discourage selling by encouraging people to transact in Hive. All this really requires is a well thought out marketplace, and something extremely bare bones would suffice.

All we need is a Searchable database of goods and services where people could list the goods and services they are offering, or the goods and services they desire. A clone of Craigslist would be more that enough, with the default location being “Remote”.

A majority of those who cash out Hive because they want to live more comfortable lives. They do most of their day to day transactions in Hive.

Am I that out of the loop or do we really not have a Hive app that does what Classified ads do? A Hive based Craigslist.

I am not tech savvy, nor do I have a lot of free time but if someone wants to build this please take my idea and if you want help funding it I would at least do my best to helping you make sure it gets funded.

Here are some ideas

  • The listings don’t have to be done on chain, only the transactions. If the listings are done on chain, it could invite a lot of spam and abuse, and there is no real reason for the listings to show up with other content.

  • Craigslist format would be perfect. Nothing too complicated or unique is necessary.

  • we should be able to search by country or also in “All” locations but the default should be “remote” to prioritize services and goods that can be traded from anywhere. This will encourage faster adoption.

  • There may be other methods of monetization but one potential is the DAO. I think this is exactly the kind of project that the DAO could pay for.

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect, if someone with more skill and better ideas comes along, then all the better. We just need a functioning conveniently organized listing. So even if you aren’t that skilled, feel free to try.

  • Another option is for one of the front ends to start, though I would prefer that if they did they could make it open source or even help other platforms to adopt it.

I need to stress that a lazy but functional version is better than nothing so no need to hold out and wait til you have the perfect design

The ideal Classified listings

On the other hand, if there are skilled developers looking to make something like this, or if some of the front ends want to get together, a collaborative effort to make a market place on each major front end, and a separate site to bring them together would be ideal.

Imagine that @naturamedicine @leofinance #proofofbrain #sportstalksocial #cinetv and others all had a market that was connected. Each listing could accept a preferred currency, hive and alternatives if they wish. This would not only increase the utility of Hive but also every single Hive based token and keep wealth inside of the Hive ecosystem. It would also give more reason for friends in countries with unstable currencies to onboard their friends and with an increasing amount of goods and services in the marketplace, it would deincentivize cashing out hive, decreasing selling pressure, stabilizing or raising the value of Hive and all of its projects.

I am starting to think that this is every more important than outreach because of the holes it patches.

I wonder if people like @eonwarped or @alchemage have too much on their plate. They seem like people who could help but I know how spread they are.

I know we used to have a tag for this before we forked but I think this idea will go a lot further if the posts are not done on chain and have their own searchable database.

Anyways I’m not sure how much help I’ll be but I’d love to let someone run with this idea and I’d be happy to discuss ideas about how to make it successful.

Edit: just learned about HiveList. I knew it must have been out there and I’m glad to know it’s @thelogicaldude behind it. I still think it could use some work to make it really a tool that people want to use for it’s intended purpose but I’d really love to chat with you if you are open to it @thelogicaldude. Anyways, please check out the project for now!


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