Week 2 Giveaway! Proof Of Sharing (POSH) Contest! Two Winners Of 5 Hive!


Before we get to the heart of the matter, let's take a quick dive into learning what Posh token is all about.

What is @poshtoken?

Posh token is a project of @acidyo who is an advocate of Hive Blockchain. This is one of the amazing projects that he's been working with his dev team

The purpose of the Posh token is to reward Hive users who share their Hive post links on their Twitter account.

I believe this is one way of promoting the whole Hive community on Twitter and at the same time get rewarded for that effort. There are 500 Posh tokens that will be given daily to everyone who shares their Hive post on their Twitter account.

How to get rewarded with #poshtoken?

  • You must register your Hive account on hiveposh.com.
  • You have to share your Hive post link to your Twitter account.
  • Never forget to use either of these tags on your tweet; #hive or $hive to get eligible.

Once you successfully shared your hive post link on your Twitter account, and @poshtoken validated the post to be eligible "posh" tweet, @poshtoken account will automatically leave you a comment just like this one:

posh comment.png

What happens if you shared your Hive post links on your Twitter account but have not yet registered on hiveposh.com?

  • Those tokens will be sent to the @null account (you can check @null account and under "Hive Engine wallet" for the current supply of the token).

null and burned.png

What happens if you share other Hive post links on your Twitter account?

They won't receive a posh token but in the effort of the user who shared your post on Twitter will receive a reward using @reward.app service if people upvote that "posh" comment. And what is the difference between the default reward and using reward.app service?

"By default, post/comment reward is paid half in HBD and half in Hive Power (locked Hive). Authors using @reward.app service receive half of the post payout in HBD and half in liquid "Hive" (not Hive Power)."

Remember that Hive Power takes 14 weeks to withdraw, with Hive "liquid" it simply means the Hive "token/money" that you can see on your wallet, see screenshot below:

Hive money.png

How to register your Twitter account on hiveposh.com?

  • Go to hiveposh.com

posh log in.png

  • Log in with your Twitter account

log in posh.png

After your successful login you will be directed to hiveposh.com homepage.

redirecting to app.png

posh home page.png

It shows all the latest tweets from Hive members who registered/connected their Twitter account to their Hive account, unfortunately, our internet connection down for a few days now because of a "technical problem" they say, (not a good deal for paying a whole year upfront on the internet ha!).

Alright so, that's all you need to do to register, super easy, right! The next queue is...


Posh: Proof Of Sharing Contest!

Prize on the line:

Two winners of 5 Hive (the other 5 Hive is sponsored by @foxkoit).

How to join:
  • Just take a screenshot of your hive post from your Twitter account and upload it in the comment.


Rule of the contest: Twitter account must be registered on hiveposh.com

Contest End Date: July 30th, 2021.
2 Winners will be picked for this contest through wheelaofnames.com.


"Everyone who joined the contest will also get one entry point on the first Anniversary giveaway. There will be three winners: 2 winners of customized tote bags for Filipino Hivers (one purepinay and one OCD tote bag) and 30 Hive for one of my international Hive supporters. Read more about it on this post. Contest End Date: July 31st 2021.

tote bag sample

Current contest running:

Reblog: My Four Year Blogiversary | Some Awesome Giveaways For You! Contest End Date: July 31st, 2021. Winners will be picked through https://wheelofnames.com/ and
announced on the 31st of July 2021, before 11pm Philipines time!

  • The more Entry you make, the higher your chance of winning on the first Giveaway!
    How to get Entry points:
    1 point for participation in the contests
    1 point for reblogging each Contest Announcements; 1, 2, (So if you reblogged both posts, you get 2 points).

Here are the participants and their currents points:

Thank you so much to @foxkoit for sponsoring the other 5 Hive price. He's been very supportive to our Cebu Hive group and always engage in the comments. I highly recommend you follow him and say Hi, if you haven't met @foxkoit. 😊❤️


For more visibility of this post, your support through upvote and reblog is much appreciated. Also, feel free to share on your social media accounts. Thank much! ❤️

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